IK Investment Partners erwirbt Mehrheit an der Infradata Group

Kate­go­rie: Private Equity
13. Novem­ber 2018

London - IK Invest­ment Part­ners erwirbt eine Mehr­heits­be­tei­li­gung an der Infra­data Group mit Sitz in Dort­mund durch den IK VIII Funds von Water­land Private Equity Fund V (“Water­land”).

Infra­data wurde 2004 in den Nieder­lan­den gegrün­det und ist ein führen­der euro­päi­scher Anbie­ter von Cyber­­si­cher­heits- und siche­ren Netz­werk­lö­sun­gen. Das Unter­neh­men ist über die Nieder­lande hinaus in Deutsch­land, Groß­bri­tan­nien, Frank­reich, Belgien, Polen und den USA vertre­ten und verfolgt ambi­tio­nierte Wachs­tums­pläne. Infra­data profi­tiert dabei von zwei Mega­trends, dem stei­gen­den Daten­vo­lu­men sowie der Zunahme von Cyber-Sicher­heits­­­be­­dro­hun­­gen. Zu den finan­zi­el­len Details der Trans­ak­tion wurde Still­schwei­gen vereinbart.

As part of the tran­sac­tion, Infradata’s foun­der and CEO, Leon de Keij­zer will tran­si­tion to the Board of Direc­tors. Nino Tomov­ski, curr­ently Inter­na­tio­nal Vice Presi­dent, will be appoin­ted CEO of Infra­data as of 1 Janu­ary 2019.

Norman Bremer (foto), Part­ner at IK Invest­ment Part­ners said: “Our decis­ion to back Infra­data was driven by two promi­nent mega­trends, namely the increase of cyber­se­cu­rity thre­ats in recent years, and rising data consump­tion. We are exci­ted to be back­ing a manage­ment team with a fanta­stic track record and a highly inno­va­tive service offe­ring. We are espe­ci­ally impres­sed with the company’s multi-coun­­try foot­print and its outstan­ding people. We look forward to helping expand Infradata’s capa­bi­li­ties both through orga­nic and acqui­si­tive growth oppor­tu­ni­ties and buil­ding it into a truly Euro­pean leader.”

About Infra­data
Foun­ded by Leon de Keij­zer in 2004, Infra­data is a leading pan-Euro­­pean provi­der of secure networ­king and cyber­se­cu­rity solu­ti­ons. The company is head­quar­te­red in Leiden, the Nether­lands. For more infor­ma­tion, visit

About IK Invest­ment Partners
IK Invest­ment Part­ners (“IK”) is a Pan- Euro­pean private equity firm focu­sed on invest­ments in the Nordics, DACH region, France, and Bene­lux. Since 1989, IK has raised more than €9.5 billion of capi­tal and inves­ted in over 116 Euro­pean compa­nies. IK funds support compa­nies with strong under­ly­ing poten­tial, part­ne­ring with manage­ment teams and inves­tors to create robust, well-posi­­tio­­ned busi­nesses with excel­lent long-term prospects.

About Water­land Private Equity
Water­land is an inde­pen­dent private equity invest­ment group that acts as an active share­hol­der in its port­fo­lio compa­nies, play­ing a key role in their stra­te­gic and opera­tio­nal deve­lo­p­ment, growth and perfor­mance. Water­land has offices in Belgium (Antwerp), the Nether­lands (Bussum), UK (Manches­ter), Germany (Munich and Hamburg), Denmark (Copen­ha­gen), Switz­er­land (Zürich) and Poland (Warsaw) and curr­ently mana­ges €6 billion of inves­tor commit­ments. To date, Water­land has made invest­ments in over 470 companies.

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