Verdane acquires stake in Qbtech / ADHD diagnostic software

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31. August 2022

Stock­holm | Hous­ton — Qbtech, the soft­ware provi­der of the objec­tive ADHD tests QbTest and QbCheck, today announ­ces an invest­ment from growth-focu­­sed equity inves­tor Verdane. Qbtech is the market leader in objec­tive measu­re­ment of ADHD symptoms and is trans­forming ADHD treat­ment for indi­vi­du­als and society at large. In colla­bo­ra­tion with health­care and educa­tion profes­sio­nals in the U.S. and Europe, Qbtech shor­tens time to diagno­sis and enables opti­miza­tion of treat­ment for child­ren and adults with ADHD. Verdane’s invest­ment will help Qbtech further acce­le­rate growth through new tech­no­lo­gies, new custo­mer segments and by signi­fi­cantly expan­ding in exis­ting markets.

Qbtech’s mission is to improve the lives of people with ADHD and to help more pati­ents access quality treat­ment. To achieve this, Qbtech will support pati­ents and promote new models of care that increase access to care while impro­ving clini­cal and medi­cal outco­mes. Qbtech’s current products improve the skills of profes­sio­nals through objec­tive data and trai­ning, helping to address the dual chal­lenges of work­force shorta­ges and the drama­tic increase in demand for ADHD care follo­wing the COVID pande­mic. Future products will build on this and put pati­ents at the center of their treatment.

“Verdane is an expe­ri­en­ced inves­tor in health­care soft­ware, and we look forward to working with Qbtech at this pivo­tal moment in their growth jour­ney,” said Henrik Aspén of Verdane (photo, copy­right Verdane). “Qbtech offers unique tech­no­logy that is driving the stan­dard for clini­cal vali­da­tion and advan­cing new tech­no­lo­gies at a rapid pace. Our team is impres­sed with their breakth­rough, inno­va­tive tech­no­lo­gies that improve care, reduce health­care costs and provide an amazing expe­ri­ence for pati­ents and their families.”

The invest­ment in Qbtech is made from Verdane’s Idun Fund, which is clas­si­fied as “Article 9” under the EU Finan­cial Disclo­sure Regu­la­tion. Idun makes invest­ments focu­sed on driving impact in three areas: Energy Tran­si­tion, Sustainable Consump­tion, and Resi­li­ent Commu­ni­ties. Previous invest­ments include Auntie, a digi­tal provi­der of work­place well­ness services; Spond, a digi­tal provi­der of grass­roots sports and physi­cal health; and EVA Global, a mana­ged services provi­der support­ing the global shift to elec­tric vehic­les. To date, Verdane has inves­ted in over 30 sustainable society companies.

“We are plea­sed that Verdane is confi­dent in our track record and mission to trans­form ADHD care. We have always stri­ved to import the best aspects of health­care tech­no­logy into medi­cal tech­no­logy, and Verdane’s exper­tise in tech­no­logy and soft­­ware-enab­­led busi­nesses will be of great value to us,” said Carl Reuter­s­ki­old, CEO of Qbtech.

About Qbtech

Foun­ded in 2002, Qbtech is a priva­tely held Swedish company that has deve­lo­ped leading solu­ti­ons and products to improve the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, diagno­sis, treat­ment and follow-up of pati­ents with ADHD. Qbtech opera­tes in 13 count­ries and has offices in Stock­holm, Hous­ton and London. Qbtech is an award-winning company reco­gni­zed for its inno­va­tion, and was recently awarded the 2022 HSJ Part­ner­ship Award for “Best Part­ner­ship with the NHS in Mental Health.

About Verdane

Verdane is a growth capi­tal invest­ment specia­list firm that part­ners with tech­­no­­logy-based and sustainable Euro­pean compa­nies to help them reach the next level of inter­na­tio­nal growth. Verdane can invest as a mino­rity or majo­rity inves­tor, either in indi­vi­dual compa­nies or in port­fo­lios of compa­nies, and focu­ses on three core themes: the digi­tal consu­mer, soft­ware ever­y­where and sustainable society. The Verdane funds have a total volume of over 4 billion euros and have made over 140 invest­ments in fast-growing compa­nies since 2003. Verdane’s team consists of more than 100 invest­ment and opera­tio­nal profes­sio­nals based in Berlin, Copen­ha­gen, Helsinki, London, Oslo and Stock­holm and aims to be the prefer­red growth part­ner for tech­­no­­logy-enab­­led and sustainable compa­nies in Europe.

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