Rödl & Partner advises InoNet on the sale to Eurotech S.p.A.

Photo: Peter Längle, Part­ner at Rödl & Part­ner in Munich
22. Septem­ber 2022

Munich — With the acqui­si­tion of InoNet, Euro­tech is ente­ring the DACH market for the first time, which is the world’s largest market for indus­trial IoT appli­ca­ti­ons after the USA. Both compa­nies pursue the approach of offe­ring high added value to their deman­ding B2B custo­mers with high-quality products and services. The purchase price is EUR 9.45 million plus a plan­ned earn-out of up to 300,000 Euro­tech shares.

Rödl & Part­ner compre­hen­si­vely advi­sed InoNet Compu­ter GmbH from Tauf­kir­chen on the sale of all shares to the Italian Euro­tech S.p.A. on finan­cial, tax and legal tran­sac­tion issues and led the contract negotiations.

By explo­i­t­ing syner­gies in the area of supply chains and tapping growth poten­tial through cross-selling acti­vi­ties, Euro­tech plans to further deve­lop the future German site. Espe­cially in the emer­ging global edge AI market, InoNet provi­des a solid base for Eurotech’s further expansion.

During the sale, InoNet was suppor­ted by an inter­di­sci­pli­nary team from Rödl & Part­ner for finan­cial, tax and legal sell-side advice. Part­ner Peter Längle was in charge of the over­all project manage­ment and led the M&A process inclu­ding the sales nego­tia­ti­ons. The legal advice, in parti­cu­lar the contract nego­tia­ti­ons, was provi­ded by part­ner Thomas Fräbel. Part­ner Matthias Zahn was respon­si­ble for the sell-side finan­cial support. The M&A Tax depart­ment was headed by part­ner Dr. Dagmar Möller-Gosoge.

About InoNet Compu­ter GmbH 

InoNet says it offers profes­sio­nal compu­ting solu­ti­ons for indus­try and B2B use. The focus is on the deve­lo­p­ment and produc­tion of precon­fi­gu­red indus­trial PC solu­ti­ons as well as the design of solu­ti­ons for indi­vi­dual requi­re­ments. The company, based in Tauf­kir­chen near Munich, has been manu­fac­tu­ring indus­trial compu­ters since 1998, ensu­ring certi­fied manu­fac­tu­ring proces­ses, compre­hen­sive quality manage­ment and also offers its custo­mers exten­sive main­ten­ance and service. With 80 employees, InoNet serves its more than 1,000 B2B custo­mers and gene­ra­ted reve­nues of €15.2 million in 2021.

About Euro­tech S.p.A.

Euro­tech says it is active in the design, deve­lo­p­ment and sales of edge compu­ting and Inter­net of Things (IoT) solu­ti­ons. Eurotech’s services include services, soft­ware and hard­ware for system inte­gra­tors and enter­pri­ses. With these solu­ti­ons, Euro­tech offers its custo­mers access to compon­ents and soft­ware plat­forms for IoT, edge gate­ways for plant moni­to­ring, and high-perfor­­mance edge compu­ters used in areas such as arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence (AI). Head­quar­te­red in Amaro, Italy, the multi­na­tio­nal company looks back on 30 years of expe­ri­ence and achie­ves an annual turno­ver of appro­xi­mately 70 million euros with 7 subsi­dia­ries worldwide.

Advi­sor to the share­hol­ders of InoNet GmbH : Rödl & Part­ner GmbH 

Peter Längle, Part­ner (Corpo­rate Finance), Munich — over­all project manage­ment, nego­tia­tion manage­ment, Matthias Zahn, Part­ner (Tran­sac­tion Services), Munich — sell-side support manage­ment Finan­cial, Fabio Fran­zoi, Senior Asso­ciate (Tran­sac­tion Services), Munich — Finan­cial, Andreas Schu­bert, Asso­ciate (Tran­sac­tion Services), Munich — Financial

Thomas Fräbel, Part­ner, Attor­ney (M&A Legal), Munich — Sell-Side Support Legal and Purchase Agree­ment Nego­tia­ti­ons; Juliane Krafft, Senior Asso­ciate, Attor­ney (M&A Legal), Munich — Sell-Side Support Legal; Malte Kroll, Asso­ciate, Attor­ney (M&A Legal), Munich — Sell-Side Support Legal; Lara Kiefer, Asso­ciate, Attor­ney (M&A Legal), Munich — Sell-Side Support Legal, Dr. Dagmar Möller-Gosoge, Part­ner, Tax Advi­sor (M&A Tax), Munich — Sell-Side Support Tax; Dr. Susanne Kölbl, Part­ner, Tax Advi­sor (M&A Tax), Munich — Sell-Side Support Tax

Advi­sor to the Italian Euro­tech S.P.A.: SLB LAW

Sandra Bend­­ler-Pepy, Part­ner and Oliver Baumann, Partner.

SLB LAW offers clients full-service consul­ting in all core areas of busi­ness law. In addi­tion to its proven exper­tise in M&A, the firm is known for its advice in banking and capi­tal markets law as well as employ­ment law.
From its head­quar­ters in Munich, SLB mainly advi­ses medium-sized compa­nies as well as German subsi­dia­ries of inter­na­tio­nal groups. The firm is distin­guis­hed by its inter­na­tio­nal exper­tise. This is reflec­ted above all in the Italian Desk, which focu­ses on cross-border consul­ting for Italian compa­nies in Germany and German compa­nies in Italy. In addi­tion, SLB is a foun­ding member of the inter­na­tio­nal network Mack­rell Inter­na­tio­nal and the exclu­sive German part­ner law firm of the Grimaldi Alliance.In addi­tion to the Italian law firm Lexia Avvo­cati, SLB LAW’s Italian Desk advi­sed the Italian buyer Euro­tech S.P.A. on this cross-border tran­sac­tion. SLB LAW’s Italian Desk has proven exper­tise in the field of German-Italian transactions.

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