Heitersheim/ Munich — Para­gon Part­ners and the mino­rity share­hol­ders sell 100% of the shares in inpro­tec to Inter­na­tio­nal Chemi­cal Inves­tors Group. The tran­sac­tion is still subject to appro­val by the rele­vant anti­trust authorities.

Based in Heiters­heim, Baden-Würt­tem­berg, inpro­tec AG is a leading service provi­der for indus­trial contract drying and granu­la­tion based on spray drying, spray granu­la­tion, fluid bed coating as well as matrix encap­su­la­tion. Para­gon acqui­red a majo­rity stake in inpro­tec in 2018 and has since inves­ted more than €20 million in expan­ding its produc­tion faci­li­ties. During the past four years, inpro­tec has signi­fi­cantly expan­ded its market posi­tion as a tech­no­logy leader in large-volume granu­la­tion and drying proces­ses, further broa­dened its custo­mer base, and achie­ved profi­ta­ble busi­ness deve­lo­p­ment with double-digit annual growth rates.

Based on the special strengths of the company, the current manage­ment will conti­nue the success­ful corpo­rate deve­lo­p­ment of inpro­tec within the ICIG network with ICIG as a future partner.

About Para­gon Partners

Para­gon Part­ners is an owner-mana­ged invest­ment company and has been inves­ting in medium-sized compa­nies in German-spea­king coun­tries since its foun­da­tion in 2004. The invest­ment port­fo­lio spans various indus­tries and curr­ently compri­ses 14 compa­nies. Curr­ently, Para­gon mana­ges more than €1.2 billion in equity.

About ICIG

Inter­na­tio­nal Chemi­cal Inves­tors Group is a priva­tely owned indus­trial group with total sales of €4 billion. ICIG focu­ses on three main plat­forms: Fine Chemi­cals under the Weyl­Chem brand, Chlo­ro­vi­nyls under the Vynova brand, and Enter­pri­ses with specia­li­zed compa­nies in fermen­ta­tion products, viscose fila­ments, acti­va­ted carbon and wood preser­va­tion chemi­cals (inclu­ding “Corden BioChem”, “ENKA”, “Carbo­Tech” and “Rütgers Orga­nics”). Since its foun­ding in 2004, ICIG has grown to include more than 20 inde­pen­dent chemi­cal compa­nies, all of which have their origins in large global chemi­cal or phar­maceu­ti­cal groups. Today, the ICIG compa­nies employ around 4,500 people and operate more than 20 produc­tion sites in Europe and the United States. Addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion can be found at

Clif­ford Chance advi­sed Para­gon Part­ners and the mino­rity share­hol­ders on the sale of 100% of the shares in inpro­tec to Inter­na­tio­nal Chemi­cal Inves­tors Group.

The Clif­ford Chance team was led by part­ner Dr. Mark Aschen­bren­ner (Corporate/Private Equity, Munich).


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