Photo: Michael Siefke is Managing Director at Bain Capital in Munich and co-head of the European private equity team

Bain Capital: USD 2 billion for latest tech fund with focus on Europe

Photo: Michael Siefke is Mana­ging Direc­tor at Bain Capi­tal in Munich and co-head of the Euro­pean private equity team
3. Novem­ber 2022

Bain Capi­tal has raised more than $2 billion for its latest Tech Oppor­tu­ni­ties Fund and plans to expand its busi­ness in Europe. The private equity firm has excee­ded its $1.5 billion target for the fund and expects to close soon.

Bain’s tech oppor­tu­ni­ties stra­tegy has alre­ady supported compa­nies in Europe such as UK fintech company SumUp. Inves­tors are inte­res­ted in sectors where they believe Europe is produ­cing world-leading compa­nies, such as payments and cyber­se­cu­rity, Bain Capi­tal said.

About Bain Capital

Bain Capi­tal, LP is one of the world’s leading private invest­ment firms with appro­xi­m­ately $160 billion in assets under manage­ment. Since its foun­ding in 1984, expan­sion has occur­red into various asset clas­ses, inclu­ding private equity, credit, public equity, venture capi­tal and real estate.

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