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21. Decem­ber 2012

Behind everyone’s good inten­ti­ons to change their lives in the New Year is the hope that the rest of the world will also rid itself of evil inju­s­ti­ces and disrup­tive factors. If the wars of this world cannot be stop­ped with a magic wish formula, it would be nice if at least the CD pack­a­ging were easier to open. If wishes came true, many things could be so diffe­rent. — 3 further wishes expres­sed by

For this 3 ques­ti­ons to Publisher of the FYB Finan­cial Year­Book in Munich

1. We wish…

In the coming year, we wish for a world without natu­ral disas­ters, without tyrants, without tortu­r­ers, without hunger, without war and terror, without slavery, without child labor, without oppres­sion of women, without reli­gious funda­men­ta­lists, without insane poli­ti­ci­ans, in other words, a just, brot­herly-sisterly world whose people live healt­hily in dignity and free­dom and tole­rate each other. This up front. 

2. Commit­ment?

And now the smal­ler wishes: that 2013 will be the year of the older workers. That German poli­ti­ci­ans are willing to work toge­ther for the common good and debate in the Bundes­tag again instead of on talk shows. That they take the concerns and problems of the (fede­ral) states more seriously and not only find some new ideas for their rede­ve­lo­p­ment, but also imple­ment them. The commit­ment of the Bundes­tag to repeal two old laws for each new law. The word ‘plas­tic depo­sit’ in the Basic Law. A tax reform à la (Paul) Kirch­hoff with fewer types of taxes and less bureau­cracy. — Spea­king of red tape, for the private equity and alter­na­tive finance indus­try and its inves­tors, we would like to see the AIFM guide­lines radi­cally simple and not over­bur­dened with compli­ca­ting nasti­ness. For angel inves­tors, we would like to see even more support from the Minis­try of Finance and Economics.

3. Are you yours­elf the change you want to see?

Now let’s move on to the many other requests: An FYB App. A legal limit on the rip-off services of all cell phone opera­tors. That light bulbs last 10 years. CDs that can be freed from their cello­phane slee­ves within a minute. That the smart analysts and consul­tants of the banks explain to their clients why they them­sel­ves are not rich. Teaching ‘1×1 of econo­mics and finance’ in schools. That the refor­mers of spel­ling are asha­med. That the super­star of busi­ness and poli­tics is now being sought, and please not by Dieter Bohlen. Finally, a history TV chan­nel. More time to read.

Be the change you want to see (Mahatma Ghandi).

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