Waterland merges Swyx with Voiceworks and acquires Centile

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20. July 2018

Munich, Germany - Swyx Group, a port­fo­lio company of Water­land Private Equity (“Water­land”), is joining forces with the Dutch Within Reach Group, parent company of Voice­works. The compa­nies thus estab­lish the Euro­pean market leader for inno­va­tive commu­ni­ca­ti­ons services. At the same time, the new group acqui­res the French company Centile Tele­com Appli­ca­ti­ons.

Advi­sor Water­land: Henge­ler Mueller
Water­land is advi­sing on the tran­sac­tion in an inte­gra­ted team with Dutch Best Friends law firm DeBrauw Blackstone West­br­oek.
Henge­ler Mueller’s part­ners are Dr. Alex­an­der Nolte (Düssel­dorf), Dr. Jens Wenzel (Berlin) (both M&A, both lead,), Dr. Alf-Henrik Bischke (Anti­trust, Düssel­dorf), Dr. Niko­laus Vieten, Dr. Daniela Böning (both Finan­cing, Frank­furt), Dr. Chris­tian Schwandt­ner (Manage­ment Parti­ci­pa­tion, Düssel­dorf), Hendrik Bocken­hei­mer (Labor Law, Frank­furt), Coun­sel Peter Dampf (Finan­cing, Frank­furt) and Fabian Seip (IP, Berlin) and Asso­cia­tes Mandana Bahr­am­pour (M&A, London), Dr. Anja Balitzki (Anti­trust, Düssel­dorf), Adrian Cavin (Manage­ment Parti­ci­pa­tion, Düssel­dorf), Dr. Henning Hilke (Finan­cing, Frank­furt), Jan Krusche (IP, Berlin) and Marc Seeger (M&A, Düsseldorf).

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