Smart AdServer acquires Bertelsmann subsidiary LiquidM

16. Janu­ary 2020

Eschborn/Nuremberg, Janu­ary 2020 — Rödl & Part­ner has advi­sed Smart AdSer­ver (Smart), a port­fo­lio company of Cathay Capi­tal on the acqui­si­tion of the global demand side plat­form LiquidM. Prior to its acqui­si­tion by Smart, LiquidM was part of the Bertels­mann Group. The current mana­ging direc­tors Phil­ipp Simon and Thomas Hille will conti­nue to support the Berlin-based company in this capacity.

With the acqui­si­tion of LiquidM, Smart aims to acce­le­rate its product deve­lo­p­ment and ther­eby better align supply and demand. With the help of LiquidM’s sophisti­ca­ted tech­no­logy, adver­ti­sers and digi­tal publis­hers will be able to achieve grea­ter finan­cial and opera­tio­nal effi­ci­ency. They are provi­ded with a bran­ded and data secure envi­ron­ment through the provi­sion of deal manage­ment, audi­ence acti­va­tion and data control. This allows them to further expand their program­ma­tic adver­ti­sing busi­ness with consu­mer privacy as a cornerstone.

About LiquidM
LiquidM is a self-service demand side plat­form (DSP) opera­ting world­wide. It enab­les agen­cies, adver­ti­sers and trading desks to achieve their marke­ting goals using the power and effi­ci­ency of program­ma­tic adver­ti­sing. As a full-stack demand side provi­der, LiquidM offers compre­hen­sive campaign manage­ment capa­bi­li­ties. With a clean and intui­tive user inter­face, LiquidM simpli­fies the process of defi­ning, scaling, opti­mi­zing and edit­ing adver­ti­sing campai­gns. Foun­ded in 2013 in Berlin, the company is one of the first DSPs on the market with exten­sive exper­tise in mobile adver­ti­sing, a more tech­ni­cally complex envi­ron­ment than desk­top advertising.

About Smart
Smart is the leading inde­pen­dent adver­ti­sing mone­tiz­a­tion plat­form. The fully trans­pa­rent plat­form and the shared inte­rest approach enable premium publis­hers and brands to receive a fair share of the ad value at any time on their terms. The holistic archi­tec­ture effi­ci­ently dove­tails direct and program­ma­tic adver­ti­sing inven­tory and empowers marke­ters, publis­hers and website opera­tors to take complete control of all marke­ting chan­nels. Smart works directly with more than 1,000 publis­hers world­wide. Inter­na­tio­nally, Smart can count Finan­cial Times, Groupe Marie Claire, Trac­Fone, Le Figaro, Lebon­coin, Altice Media Publi­cité and IMGUR among its clients. Global provi­des smart display, video, rich media, and native adver­ti­sing for over 50,000 websites and apps. In German-spea­­king coun­tries, Smart works with most of the top AGOF publis­hers. The company opera­tes twelve offices world­wide and has estab­lis­hed itself as a leading player in buil­ding a trans­pa­rent and high-quality ecosystem.

Consul­tant Smart AdSer­ver: Rödl & Partner
Jochen Reis, Part­ner, Photo
(Head of Tran­sac­tion Services), Esch­born, Over­all Project Manage­ment — Financial
Simon Nieder­mann, Senior Asso­ciate (Tran­sac­tion Services), Esch­born — Financial
Michael Wiehl, Part­ner (Corporate/M&A), Nurem­berg — Legal
Jens Linhardt, Senior Asso­ciate (Corporate/M&A), Nurem­berg — Legal
Sebas­tian Dittrich, Senior Asso­ciate (Corporate/M&A), Nurem­berg — Legal
Dr. Chris­toph Kurz­böck, Asso­ciate Part­ner (Labor Law) — Legal
Marta Wiśniew­ska, Senior Asso­ciate (Corporate/M&A), Nurem­berg — Legal
Juliane Krafft, Asso­ciate (Corporate/M&A), Nurem­berg — Legal
Florian Kaiser, Part­ner (Tax Law), Nurem­berg — Tax
Dr. Ramona Christ, Asso­ciate (Tax Law), Nurem­berg — Tax

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