RTP Global invests in AI start-up E‑Bot7

12. Septem­ber 2019

Munich — Munich-based AI start-up E‑Bot7 raises EUR 5.5 million in a Series A finan­cing round. — Lead inves­tor is the inter­na­tio­nally active venture capi­ta­list RTP Global. LUTZ | ABEL is advi­sing RTP Global on the finan­cing round.

Start-up E‑Bot7 deve­lops and inte­gra­tes arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence (AI) and deep lear­ning into exis­ting custo­mer service CRM systems. The start-up aims to enable auto­ma­ted proces­ses in custo­mer service by analy­zing inco­ming custo­mer inqui­ries and forwar­ding them to the appro­priate depart­ment. With the fresh capi­tal, E‑Bot7 intends to further increase its tech­no­logy and busi­ness deve­lo­p­ment team so that the AI solu­tion can be further expan­ded. It will also help new custo­mers inte­grate arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence into their custo­mer service.

In addi­tion to RTP Global, exis­ting inves­tors 42CAP, main Incu­ba­tor and a private inves­tor also parti­ci­pa­ted in this finan­cing round. In the current finan­cing round, Dr. Marco Eick­mann, Part­ner (photo), Phil­ipp Hoene and Dr. Sebas­tian Sumal­vico provi­ded compre­hen­sive advice to the inves­tor RTP Global. Advi­sor RTP Global Dr. Marco Eick­mann, LL.M. (part­ner) Phil­ipp Hoene Dr. Sebas­tian Sumal­vico, Euro­pean Lawyer (Univ. Würzburg)

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