PropTech Homeday raises €20 million from Project A, Axel Springer and Purplebricks

17. Octo­ber 2018

Berlin (ots) — The tech­­no­­logy-suppor­­ted real estate broker Home­day, one of the fastest-growing inter­me­di­a­ries in the German real estate market, announ­ces the conclu­sion of a new finan­cing round. Project A, Axel Sprin­ger and Purp­le­bricks, a British real estate plat­form, are inves­ting 20 million euros in Home­day . With the funding provi­ded, Home­day intends to invest in the further scaling of its busi­ness model. The closing of the tran­sac­tion is still subject to anti­trust clearance.

Since its foun­ding in 2015, the Berlin-based company has success­fully broke­red real estate worth more than one billion euros across Germany. As one of the leading real estate brokers in Germany, Home­day relies on expe­ri­en­ced local agents who are suppor­ted tech­no­lo­gi­cally and orga­niz­a­tio­nally by a central team of experts, allowing them to spend more time on perso­nal custo­mer contact. Home­day offers this service both exclu­si­vely and non-exclu­­si­­vely to brokers.

With Purp­le­bricks, the leading UK tran­­sac­­tion-based digi­tal real estate plat­form, which is also active in the USA, Canada and Austra­lia, will also invest in the further deve­lo­p­ment of Home­day. Through the coope­ra­tion, Home­day will bene­fit from the know­ledge and expe­ri­ence of the British market leader in the expan­sion of its own busi­ness model.

Stef­fen Wicker, foun­der and CEO of Home­day (photo from left: Phil­ipp Reichle (CTO), Frie­de­rike Hesse (COO), Stef­fen Wicker (CEO) and Dmitri Uvarov­ski (CMO): “Through our strong growth in recent years, Home­day has estab­lis­hed a leading posi­tion in the real estate market. We are very plea­sed with the inves­tors’ confi­dence in our model and our work. The finan­cing round and the exchange of expe­ri­ence with Purp­le­bricks put us in a posi­tion to acce­le­rate our growth once again. Our goal is to make Home­day the first stop for owners looking to sell their property.”

Uwe Horst­mann, Gene­ral Part­ner at Project A: “We are deligh­ted about the commit­ment of Axel Sprin­ger and Purp­le­bricks, and at the same time the invest­ment round for further scaling is a logi­cal step for us. Home­day has proven that brin­ging toge­ther inno­va­tive tech­no­logy with perso­nal on-site service by expe­ri­en­ced brokers provi­des grea­ter trans­pa­rency and trust for all parties invol­ved. With Homeday’s support, brokers, buyers and sellers can achieve the desi­red result quickly and conve­ni­en­tly. This win-win-win scen­a­rio of Home­day has estab­lis­hed itself in the market and we conti­nue to see great poten­tial for growth.”

Home­day will invest the fresh capi­tal in further staff expan­sion, marke­ting as well as further deve­lo­p­ment of the product, combi­ned with the goal of crea­ting a unique custo­mer expe­ri­ence throughout the entire real estate tran­sac­tion process.

About Home­day
Home­day is a tech­­no­­logy-enab­­led broke­rage crea­ting an unpre­ce­den­ted custo­mer expe­ri­ence for sellers and buyers. Home­day agents assist real estate sellers and buyers nati­on­wide. Home­day combi­nes inno­va­tive tech­no­logy with effi­ci­ent proces­ses and expe­ri­en­ced local brokers. In 2015 Home­day was foun­ded by Stef­fen Wicker, Dmitri Uvarov­ski and Phil­ipp Reichle. Since its foun­ding, the broke­rage firm has success­fully broke­red over one billion euros in real estate volume.

About Project A
Project A is the opera­ting VC that offers not only capi­tal but also a large network and exclu­sive access to a wide range of services. The Berlin-based inves­tor mana­ges 260 million euros with which it finan­ces tech­no­logy star­tups. The core of Project A is the team of 100 expe­ri­en­ced experts who provide opera­tio­nal support to the port­fo­lio compa­nies in areas such as soft­ware engi­nee­ring, digi­tal marke­ting, design, commu­ni­ca­ti­ons, busi­ness intel­li­gence, sales and recrui­t­ing. The port­fo­lio inclu­des compa­nies such as Arti­sense, Cata­wiki, Horizn Studios, KRY, LIQID, Spry­ker, uber­all and World­Re­mit. Learn more at www.project‑ and on the insights.project‑ blog.

About Purp­le­bricks
Purp­le­bricks is the UK’s leading next genera­tion real estate broke­rage with offices in Austra­lia, the US and Canada. Purp­le­bricks combi­nes expe­ri­en­ced, local real estate experts with the inno­va­tive use of tech­no­logy to make buying, selling and renting proper­ties more conve­ni­ent, trans­pa­rent and cost-effec­­tive. Purp­le­bricks is chan­ging the way real estate agents and broke­rage firms are perceived.

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