POELLATH advises ISOPLUS on the acquisition of Groupe SOLICE from Ciclad

Photo: Dr. Michael Best, Part­ner at POELLATH (Photo © Poellath)
12. March 2024

Munich — The French private equity company Ciclad has sold its stake in Groupe SOLICE (“SOLICE”), a French district heating company. The buyer is the isoplus Group (“ISOPLUS”), a leading Euro­pean manu­fac­tu­rer of pre-insu­la­­ted pipe systems for local and district heating supply. — Benoit Lejeune, Mana­ging Direc­tor of SOLICE, will conti­nue to manage the company and take on the role of Mana­ging Direc­tor of the new French ISOPLUS company. The parties have agreed not to disc­lose the finan­cial details. The closing is expec­ted to be comple­ted in the coming weeks. POELLATH advi­sed ISOPLUS on the legal and tax aspects of the acquisition.

SOLICE compri­ses seve­ral compon­ents, inclu­ding the district heating gene­ral contrac­tor busi­ness WANNITUBE, the modern district heating pipe produc­tion faci­lity INPAL Ener­gie in Creutz­wald (France) and the company head­quar­ters in Chapon­nay near Lyon (France).

Based in Rosen­heim near Munich, ISOPLUS is the Euro­pean market leader for energy-effi­ci­ent district heating pipes for trans­for­ma­tio­nal and sustainable energy solu­ti­ons for milli­ons of house­holds, cities, muni­ci­pa­li­ties and utility compa­nies. The group of compa­nies is repre­sen­ted in more than 30 count­ries and employs more than 1,500 people across Europe.


Dr. Michael Best, photo (part­ner, lead, tax)
Dr. Barbara Koch-Schulte (Part­ner, Manage­ment Participations)
Dr. Tobias Deschen­halm (Senior Asso­ciate, Tax)
Dr. Michael de Toma (Senior Asso­ciate, Manage­ment Participations)
Dr. Maxi­mi­lian Link (Asso­ciate, Manage­ment Participations)

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