One Equity Partners acquires ALLTUB Group from Aurora Capital Group

12. Novem­ber 2018

Frank­furt am Main — The private equity inves­tor One Equity Part­ners (“OEP”) has acqui­red the ALLTUB Group (“ALLTUB”) from Aurora Resur­genceacqui­red. Allen & Overy LLP advi­sed One Equity Part­ners (“OEP”) in connec­tion with the finan­cing of the acqui­si­tion of ALLTUB Group (“ALLTUB”). Jones Day has Advi­sedAurora Resur­gence, an affi­liate of Aurora Capi­tal Group, a Los Ange­­les-based private equity firm mana­ging over $3 billion in assets, on the sale of Alltub Group (“Alltub”) to One Equity Part­ners. — The parties have agreed not to disc­lose the terms of the transaction.

ALLTUB is the world leader in flexi­ble alumi­num tubes for pack­a­ging products in the phar­maceu­ti­cal, cosme­tics and food sectors, as well as for indus­try. The company has six produc­tion sites in France, Germany, Italy, the Czech Repu­blic and Mexico, employs 1,400 people world­wide and gene­ra­tes annual sales of more than 150 million euros.

OEP is a private equity inves­tor with offices in New York, Chicago and Frank­furt and over $7 billion in assets under manage­ment, inves­t­ing prima­rily in successful middle-market compa­nies in North America and Europe active in the indus­trial, health­care and tech­no­logy sectors.

The inter­na­tio­nal Allen & Overy team advi­sed on the complex finan­cing struc­ture of the tran­sac­tion, consis­ting of a unitran­che finan­cing in the form of bonds, provi­ded by Part­ners Group.

Advi­sors to One Equity Part­ners: Allen Overy
The inter­na­tio­nal Allen & Overy team advi­sed on the complex finan­cing struc­ture of the tran­sac­tion, consis­ting of a unitran­che finan­cing in the form of bonds provi­ded by Part­ners Group.
The Allen & Overy team was led by part­ner Thomas Neubaum and coun­sel Bianca Engel­mann and also included senior asso­ciate David J. Schmidt, asso­ciate Enda Jordan and tran­sac­tion support lawy­ers Anasta­­siya-Evan­­ge­­lina Wiegand (all Frank­furt) and Ange­lika Pikulska (Munich, all banking and finance). The inter­na­tio­nal team included: Part­ner Jean-Chris­­to­­phe David, Senior Asso­ciate ;Asha Sinha and Asso­ciate Dorian Le (all Banking and Finance), Part­ners Dan Lauder (Inter­na­tio­nal Capi­tal Markets), Mathieu Vignon (Tax, all Paris) and Stefano Senn­hau­ser (Milan), Coun­sel Silvie Horack­ova (Prague, both Banking and Finance), Senior Asso­ciate Lorraine Mira­mond (Paris, Inter­na­tio­nal Capi­tal Markets), Asso­cia­tes Gijs Kerst­jens (Amster­dam), David Bujgl (Prague, both Banking and Finance), Virgi­nie Chatté (Paris), Char­lotte Hoff (Amster­dam, both Tax), Juriste Thibault Debrai-Malot (Paris, Corpo­rate) and Peer­point Consul­tants Jacque­line Bell and Caro­lijn Ulmer (both Amster­dam, both Banking and Finance).

Advi­sorAu­rora Resur­gence: Jones Day
The Jones Day team was led by My Linh Vu-Grégo­ire (Part­ner, M&A, Frankfurt/Amsterdam/Paris). The follo­wing addi­tio­nal Jones Day attor­neys were invol­ved in the tran­sac­tion: Dr. Sascha H. Schmidt (Of Coun­sel, Banking, Finance & Secu­ri­ties, Frank­furt), Dr. Holger Neumann (Part­ner, Public Law and Regu­la­tion, Frank­furt), Chris­tian A. Krebs (Part­ner, M&A, Frank­furt), Dr. Johan­nes Zöttl (Part­ner, Anti­trust, Düssel­dorf), Markus Hamann (Of Coun­sel, Public Law and Regu­la­tion, Frank­furt), Bastiaan Kout (Asso­ciate, M&A, Amster­dam), Menno Geusens (Asso­ciate, M&A, Amster­dam) as well as lawy­ers from Jones Day’s offices in London, Milan, Mexico City, Munich, Paris, Pitts­burgh and Washington.


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