niiio finance group A acquires stake in Pollen Street Capital

Photo: Chris­toph Meves, Coun­sel at Deloitte Legal, Düsseldorf
15. Novem­ber 2023

Düssel­dorf, Novem­ber 2023 — niiio finance group AG, a public limi­ted company listed on the open market, acqui­res a stake in private equity inves­tor Pollen Street Capi­tal. The aim of the inves­tor is to create a new market leader in the field of soft­ware for asset and wealth manage­ment. — A Deloitte Legal team led by coun­sel Chris­toph Meves advi­sed niiio finance group on this transaction.

As part of the invest­ment, all shares in the German funds­ac­cess AG, the Luxe­m­­bourg-based Fund­Hero S.A. and the Geor­gian FinTecc LLC, among others, are to be contri­bu­ted to niiio finance group AG.

The growth stra­tegy of niiio finance group AG, which consists of both orga­nic and inor­ga­nic growth, is thus to be contin­ued. The company aims to create a “one-stop store” in all areas rele­vant to Euro­pean asset and wealth manage­ment. In parti­cu­lar, funds­ac­cess AG, which would increase the Group’s reach in wealth manage­ment services, and Fund­Hero S.A., which expands the range of asset manage­ment services, are to provide the company with important buil­ding blocks in achie­ving this goal.

Chris­toph Meves has been advi­sing niiio finance group AG on capi­tal markets law and tran­sac­tions since 2018. After joining Deloitte Legal, Deloitte Legal has advi­sed niiio finance group AG since the begin­ning of 2022, inclu­ding on gene­ral meetings, capi­tal increa­ses and the acqui­si­tion of FIXhub GmbH.

Advi­sor niiio finance group AG: Deloitte Legal

Chris­toph Meves (Corporate/M&A), Niko Jako­vou (Corporate/M&A/Capital Markets, both lead, both Düsseldorf)

Advi­sor to Pollen Street Capi­tal Limi­ted: White & Case (Frank­furt am Main)

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