Matrazzo acquires insolvent startup muun with Luther

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4. Febru­ary 2019

Duderstadt/ Berlin — Matrazzo GmbH, based in Lower Saxony, Germany, has acqui­red muun, a Berlin-based startup specia­li­zing in custo­mizable mattres­ses that went bank­rupt in 2018. Luther provi­ded legal support for the transaction.

For mattress online retailer muun, it’s all over: last year, the startup foun­ded in 2014 had to file for insol­vency. Mattress manu­fac­tu­rer Matrazzo around CEO Sven Rudolf-Töpfer has now bought the startup with the help of a team from Luther Rechts­an­walts­ge­sell­schaft. In paral­lel, the tran­sac­tion specia­lists nego­tia­ted license agree­ments with the agen­cies respon­si­ble for muun’s corpo­rate design and product range.

The busi­ness opera­ti­ons of muun will conti­nue as an inde­pen­dent brand. Both the product port­fo­lio and the brand presence can thus conti­nue to exist.

Consul­tant Matrazzo: Luther
Corpo­rate / M&A: Dr. Phil­ipp Honisch (lead), Dr. Stefan Galla, Dr. Cédric Müller (all Essen), Denis Ullrich (Leip­zig); Luther, IT / IP: Sebas­tian Laou­to­u­mai, Dr. Maxi­mi­lian Dorn­dorf (both Essen)

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