Real-Estate Tax Compliance — Current Developments


The last time we dealt with the current hot topics from the tax audit was in the FYB 2018 reports. Since then, a lot of new things have happened, not only on the part of the
case law, but also on the legis­la­tive side. “ATAD” and “DAC6” may be mentio­ned here as keywords, the effect of which is sure to extend far beyond
will extend beyond the turn of the year 2020/ 2021. With this contri­bu­tion we want to again present some current topics from our Real-Estate prac­tice and, as far as
possi­ble, provide recom­men­da­ti­ons for action. By nature, we have a selec­tive topics were selec­ted, and other hot topics such as the temporary such as the temporary reduc­tion in sales tax, were left out.

Purchase price allo­ca­tion to land and building

The appor­ti­onment of the nota­ri­zed property purchase price plus inci­den­tal acqui­si­tion costs such as real estate trans­fer tax, legal and tax DD and, if appli­ca­ble, further apprai­sal costs is often one of the first acts in the tax life cycle of a leased property, espe­cially with the aim of deter­mi­ning the future depre­cia­tion assess­ment basis.

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