ECBF leads €11.5 million Series‑B in naturally produced vitamins from Biosyntia

Photo: Dr. Michael Brand­kamp, Gene­ral Part­ner at ECBF, Bonn
7. July 2022

Bonn/ Luxem­bourg — ECBF invests in its 8th port­fo­lio company Biosyn­tia ApS from Denmark. Biosyn­tia is a precis­ion fermen­ta­tion company focu­sed on repla­cing a fossil-based produc­tion process with a bio-based process for products such as vitamins and other ingre­di­ents. ECBF joins Novo Seeds and Sofin­nova Part­ners in the share­hol­der struc­ture and leads the current round of 11.5 million euros

Biosyn­tia has closed its EUR 11.5 million Series B round. The indus­trial biotech company provi­des ingre­di­ents from nature on a large scale in a cost-effec­­tive and sustainable manner. Using advan­ced biotech­no­logy and proprie­tary R&D tools and know­ledge, the company is deve­lo­ping unique precis­ion fermen­ta­tion proces­ses to replace fossil alter­na­ti­ves. The company’s vision is to deve­lop a natu­ral and envi­ron­men­tally friendly produc­tion process for essen­tial nutri­tio­nal active ingre­di­ents that redu­ces the use of petro­che­mi­cal proces­ses and has a posi­tive impact on the envi­ron­ment. Today, the company has seve­ral commer­cial part­ner­ships, inclu­ding colla­bo­ra­ti­ons with major market play­ers such as Givau­dan and WACKER.

The Euro­pean Circu­lar Bioe­co­nomy Fund supports Biosyntia

Estab­lished in 2020, the ECBF fund ( provi­des finan­cial support to compa­nies deve­lo­ping inno­va­tive tech­no­lo­gies, circu­lar busi­ness models and sustainable, bio-based products. This includes the indus­trial BioTech company Biosyn­tia, which produ­ces nutri­tio­nal psycho­logy active ingre­di­ents sustain­ably and natu­rally. The produc­tion of these active ingre­di­ents, such as biotin, has so far been domi­na­ted by the use of petro­che­mi­cal proces­ses. Using biotech­no­logy and proprie­tary know­ledge and tools from rese­arch and deve­lo­p­ment, the company deve­lops unique precis­ion fermen­ta­tion proces­ses to replace fossil resources.

The €11.5 million finan­cing round was secu­red through the invest­ment of ECBF and the two exis­ting inves­tors Sofin­nova Part­ners and Novo Seeds, the early-stage invest­ment and start-up team of Novo Holdings A/S.

Finan­cing enables expan­sion of product range and start of production
Biosyn­tia intends to use the Series B finan­cing to expand its product range on the one hand and to start the produc­tion phase of sustain­ably produ­ced nutri­tio­nal active ingre­di­ents on the other. The first product to be commer­cia­li­zed is a bio-based biotin (vitamin B7) that can be used in dietary supple­ments, food and beauty products.

“Our team is really proud of the reco­gni­tion this invest­ment brings. The invest­ment enables us to finally offer our custo­mers the first and only natu­ral as well as sustainable alter­na­tive to the nutri­tio­nal active ingre­di­ents available to them today,” says Martin Plam­bech, CEO of Biosyn­tia, and conti­nues: “With ECBF joining inves­tors Sofin­nova Part­ners and Novo Seeds, we are impro­ving an alre­ady strong inves­tor base. Combi­ned with our promi­sing ingre­di­ent port­fo­lio, we are poised to create a new global fermen­­ta­­tion-based ingre­di­ent manu­fac­tu­rer that can chall­enge today’s incumbents.”

“We are very exci­ted to streng­then ECBF’s indus­trial biotech­no­logy port­fo­lio by part­ne­ring with Biosyn­tia and its current inves­tors to create a sustainable trans­for­ma­tion that has a very strong commer­cial base. Vitamins and other ingre­di­ents should be produ­ced from bio-based and not fossil sources, which unfort­u­na­tely is mostly not the case today. Biosyn­tia is in a promi­sing posi­tion to change this, start­ing with its B vitamin programs, where the company is alre­ady a tech­no­logy leader,” said Jowita Sewer­ska, invest­ment direc­tor at ECBF.

About the Euro­pean Circu­lar Bioe­co­nomy Fund (ECBF).

The Euro­pean Circu­lar Bioe­co­nomy Fund (ECBF) ( invests growth capi­tal in ambi­tious and visio­nary entre­pre­neurs and encou­ra­ges private and public inves­tors to support the deve­lo­p­ment of late-stage bioe­co­nomy compa­nies. The fund aims to make sustainable invest­ments in our future and acce­le­rate the tran­si­tion from a fossil-based to a circu­lar, bio-based economy. The ECBF, which is based in Bonn and has a total fund volume of EUR 300 million, to which the Euro­pean Invest­ment Bank (EIB) has contri­bu­ted EUR 100 million, will be an important finan­cial instru­ment for achie­ving the goals of the Euro­pean Green Deal, inclu­ding making Europe climate neutral by 2050.

About Biosyn­tia

Biosyn­tia ( is an indus­trial biotech company that deve­lops bioba­sed manu­fac­tu­ring proces­ses and brings all mission-criti­­cal capa­bi­li­ties in-house — from micro­bial deve­lo­p­ment to fermen­ta­tion opti­miza­tion, product puri­fi­ca­tion, formu­la­tion and distri­bu­tion. The company today consists of 20 scien­tists and busi­ness deve­lo­pers working from Biosyntia’s labo­ra­tory and offices in Copen­ha­gen, Denmark.
Biosyn­tia focu­ses prima­rily on deve­lo­ping more natu­ral and sustainable proces­ses for active ingre­di­ents used in the beauty and nutri­tion indus­tries, such as vitamins, anti­oxi­dants and simi­lar ingre­di­ents. The company has deve­lo­ped proprie­tary tech­no­lo­gies such as Biosyn­the­tic Selec­tions™ that drama­ti­cally reduce the risk, cost and time requi­red to deve­lop fermen­ta­tion proces­ses. The company has recei­ved more than 15 reco­gni­tion awards, inclu­ding one of the most inno­va­tive SMEs in Europe.

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