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For this 3 questions to U. Leonhard

Leon­hard Ventures
Photo: U. Leon­hard | Leon­hard Ventures
14. May 2013

The natio­nal sustaina­bi­lity stra­tegy was adopted by the German govern­ment in 2002 and has since deter­mi­ned the course for sustainable deve­lo­p­ment in our coun­try. Resour­ces and sustaina­bi­lity are a current and constantly growing topic. Accor­din­gly, there are constantly new confe­ren­ces, plat­forms and company foun­da­ti­ons in this sector. In Berlin, the ‘German Sustaina­bi­lity Action Week’ will take place from June 15–21, 2013, on 12. and June 13, the World Resource Ventures Confe­rence (

For this 3 ques­ti­ons to Owner of Leon­hard Ventures, orga­ni­zer of the World Resource Ventures Confe­rence, Berlin

1. The World Resource Ventures confe­rence will take place for the first time in Germany on June 12 in Berlin. How is this event diffe­rent from others dedi­ca­ted to ’sustaina­bi­lity’? Why do you think this plat­form is necessary

Compa­nies that focus on the topic of sustaina­bi­lity need their own plat­form and must speci­fi­cally address the inves­tors who specia­lize in this area. — We focus on brin­ging toge­ther compa­nies and inves­tors; about 70% of the presen­ta­ti­ons are compa­nies seeking finan­cing, solu­ti­ons, custo­mer cont­acts. — Our motto is: “Smart ideas for a better world”. In doing so, we deli­bera­tely provide a broad indus­try frame­work. After all, sustaina­bi­lity is a broad term that cannot and should not be narro­wed down by industry.

- The need arises from the new zeit­geist. Resource and envi­ron­men­tal aware­ness has long since ceased to be the preserve of a few “eco-spin­ners” and has now spread to all areas of the economy. This gives rise to a wide range of busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties and inte­res­t­ing tech­no­logy — both of which are very inte­res­t­ing for investors!

2. Are there many “resource ventures” in Germany compared to Europe? If so, what is the reason?

Yes — Germany is — as in many indus­tries — one of the pioneers in resource tech­no­lo­gies and corre­spon­ding busi­ness models. This is of course also due to the rich rese­arch scene and the diverse compe­ti­ti­ons orga­ni­zed by both state insti­tu­ti­ons and private ones (Germany- Land of Ideas, Green Tech Awards, German Sustaina­bi­lity Award and various VDI., Fraun­ho­fer, Leib­niz and seve­ral univer­sity chairs etc.).

3. Can you iden­tify a gene­ral trend toward resource management?

Very stron­gly, in fact — aware­ness of this is spre­a­ding: Tech­no­lo­gies around effi­ci­ency, recy­cling, new mate­ri­als (repla­ce­ment of exis­ting ones) are booming (“tech­no­lo­gies to touch”). Crea­tive energy tech­no­lo­gies are booming. Energy storage is making progress.

Like­wise, there are inno­va­tions from forestry and agriculture/nutrition with a strong upward trend. “Virtual tech­no­lo­gies” such as upcy­cling, FAB concepts, colla­bo­ra­tive consump­tion, second-hand goods exch­an­ges are booming.

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