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For this 3 questions to Mathias Wengler

ATHENEUM, Munich/New York
Photo: Mathias Wengler
28. May 2019

Medium-sized compa­nies as well as consul­tants and inves­tors are well advi­sed to main­tain cont­acts with a wide variety of experts in order to be able to call on highly specia­li­zed, verti­cal know-how when needed. In the mean­time, there are inter­na­tio­nal, very well-func­­tio­­ning expert networks.

For this 3 ques­ti­ons to Mathias Weng­ler, Foun­ding Part­ner of ATHENEUM, Munich/ New York

1. What exactly is ATHENEUM and why are you also in demand from private equity companies?

Atheneum is a global tech expert plat­form with >400,000 regis­tered indus­try insi­ders, from specia­li­zed surge­ons to ex-CEOs. We were foun­ded in Berlin in 2010 by former manage­ment consul­tants (ex McKin­sey, L.E.K., Bain) and are now one of the market leaders in this field with 10 offices globally in the USA, Asia and Europe, espe­ci­ally in topics such as SMEs/DACH. Frequent appli­ca­ti­ons for private equity whose advi­sors or venture funds are e.g. expert calls or also a B2B survey for commer­cial due dili­gence or also deal origination.
We can keep you infor­med about the latest deve­lo­p­ments and global trends through our free know­ledge plat­form, which includes expert inter­views, artic­les, case studies, web semi­nars and podcasts.

2. In which sectors are you / is ATHENEUM mainly active? How did it come about?

We are parti­cu­larly active in Healthcare/ MedTech, mid-marke­t/en­gi­nee­ring driven compa­nies and TMT/software, as these have been in parti­cu­larly high demand since our early foun­ding years. In addi­tion, we see very high niche know­ledge demand here, e.g. in the area of appr­oval of new life scien­ces products, which require many expert inter­views. In addi­tion, we are often cont­ac­ted inter­na­tio­nally when it comes to typi­cally local topics such as the expan­sion of fiber optics in Germany and the regu­la­tion of this or the health­care system. In prin­ci­ple, howe­ver, we can provide imme­diate and rapid support in all M&A‑relevant areas, from coffee culti­va­tion in Ecua­dor to poul­try farms in Ukraine.

3. What is the geogra­phi­cal break­down of your focus? Where is demand parti­cu­larly high in certain sectors?

In Germany, we see strong demand in the typi­cal private equity themes, most recently in 2018/2019 a lot of soft­ware, smart energy devices, healthcare/retirement homes, and clas­sic SME themes.

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