YPOG advises Green Generation Fund on Jua’s $16m round

Photo: Janna Enstha­ler, Co-Foun­ding Part­ner of Green Gene­ra­tion Fund (Photo © Green Gene­ra­tion Fund)
28. Febru­ary 2024

Berlin — Green Gene­ra­tion Fund was advi­sed on its $16 million seed finan­cing of Swiss AI start-up Jua by YPOG toge­ther with Swiss law firm Wenger Vieli. The round was led by the Green Gene­ra­tion Fund toge­ther with 468 Capi­tal. Other inves­tors include Promus Ventures, Kadmos Capi­tal, the foun­ders of Flix Mobi­lity,, Virtus Resour­ces Part­ners, and InnoSuisse.

Foun­ded in 2022 by Andreas Bren­ner and Marvin Gabler, the Swiss start-up has deve­lo­ped a weather fore­cas­ting plat­form based on arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence that can be used to display custo­mi­zed, high-reso­lu­­tion weather models.

Big AI models — the large amounts of voice, image and audio data that power gene­ra­tive arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence services — will be as important to the deve­lo­p­ment of AI as opera­ting systems are to the deve­lo­p­ment of smart­phones: in a sense, they look like the plat­forms of the space (an idea that others are also tinke­ring with). Now a Swiss startup called Jua is using this para­digm with the aim of crea­ting a new fron­tier for the use of AI in the physi­cal world. The company has recei­ved 16 million dollars to deve­lop a large “physics” model for the natu­ral world.

The company is still at a very early stage. Its first appli­ca­tion will be the mode­ling and fore­cas­ting of weather and climate patterns, initi­ally in rela­tion to the play­ers in the energy indus­try. Accor­ding to the company, this will be intro­du­ced in the coming weeks. Other sectors that the company is targe­ting with its model are agri­cul­ture, insu­rance, trans­por­ta­tion and government.

Legal advice Green Gene­ra­tion Fund: YPOG

Dr. Benja­min Ullrich (Co-Lead, Tran­sac­tions), Part­ner, Berlin
Dr. Adrian Haase (Co-Lead, Tran­sac­tions), Part­ner, Hamburg
Dr. Bene­dikt Flöter (IP/IT/Data Protec­tion), Asso­cia­ted Part­ner, Berlin Dr. Chris­toph Cordes (IP/IT/Data Protec­tion), Asso­ciate, Berlin
Farina Weber (Tran­sac­tions), Asso­ciate, Berlin

and Wenger Vieli (Switz­er­land)

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