Visionaries Club closes fund at 80 million euros

24. July 2019

Berlin — Foun­ded only in May 2019, the Berlin-based capi­tal provi­der Visio­na­ries Club is now close to closing two micro funds of 40 million euros each. Behind them are Amore­lie foun­der Sebas­tian Pollok (photo: La Fami­glia, left) and La Fami­glia foun­der Robert Lacher. Almost all the big names on the German startup scene have paid into their funds, inclu­ding Hakan Koç of Auto1, Flix­bus CEOs Jochen Engert and Daniel Krauss, Gety­our­guide foun­der Johan­nes Reck, Florian Gschwandt­ner of Runta­stic and Hello Fresh CEO Domi­nik Rich­ter. Accor­ding to indus­try insi­ders, well-known fami­lies such as Swarov­ski, Miele, Siemens, Henkel and Bitbur­ger also gave money to the funds.

The funds are to be finally closed in the next few months. The first 40 million euros are to go in tickets of about 700,000 euros to 25 start­ups in the seed stage — i.e. compa­nies that are still at the very begin­ning. The second 40 million will be divi­ded among ten to twelve compa­nies in the growth phase.

The focus is on start­ups that deve­lop tech­no­lo­gies in the trade and indus­try sector. They are looking for “tech­no­lo­gies that kill inef­fi­ci­en­cies in the B2B value chain,” says co-foun­­der Pollok.

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