Vendis Capital acquires majority stake in BlueBrixx and Model Car World

Photo: Alex­an­der Matthes, Part­ner at Vendis Capi­tal in the new office in Frank­furt a. Main
1. Novem­ber 2021

Frank­furt a. M./ Flörs­heim — Vendis Capi­tal, an invest­ment company specia­li­zing in the Euro­pean consu­mer goods market, has acqui­red a majo­rity stake in Blue­Brixx and Model Car World. Foun­der and CEO Klaus Kiunke, who will conti­nue to hold a mino­rity stake, is co-inves­­ting with Vendis Capi­tal to further drive the company’s growth and deve­lo­p­ment. Shear­man & Ster­ling advi­sed Vendis Capi­tal on this transaction.

Blue­Brixx and Model Car World are two leading omnich­an­nel compa­nies based in Flörs­heim. Foun­ded in 2017, Blue­Brixx is a direct-to-consu­­mer brand that offers a variety of Noppen­stein sets for adult enthu­si­asts. In addi­tion, the port­fo­lio also covers various special topics such as archi­tec­ture, cars, trains, aero­space and adven­ture. Model Car World was foun­ded in 2001 and is one of the leading suppliers of model cars in Europe.

Vendis Capi­tal is an inde­pen­dent invest­ment company specia­li­zing in the Euro­pean consu­mer goods market. The invest­ment in Blue­Brixx and Model Car World is the fifth invest­ment of the Vendis Capi­tal III fund laun­ched in 2019 and the fourth invest­ment in Germany overall.

Advi­sors to Vendis Capi­tal: Shear­man & Sterling
Part­ners Winfried M. Carli (Munich-Finance) and Sven Opper­mann (Fran­k­­furt-Finance).

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