Satellite Solutions Worldwide acquires Sat Internet Services

30. May 2018

Hamburg — Law firm Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, advi­sed Satel­lite Solu­ti­ons World­wide Group plc — now called BigBlu Broad­band PLC — on the acqui­si­tion of Sat Inter­net Services GmbH (inclu­ding its Portu­guese subsi­diary and Italian Open­Sky S.r.l.). Share­hol­der appro­val was requi­red for the acqui­si­tion. The tran­sac­tion will be finan­ced mainly through a GBP 12 million share place­ment on the London Stock Exchange and through HSBC debt secu­red in Germany.

Broad­band provi­der BigBlu Broad­band PLC has regio­nal busi­ness units in the United King­dom, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Norway and Austra­lia and custo­mers in 30 coun­tries. The company was foun­ded in 2008 as Satel­lite Solu­ti­ons Worldwide.

Sat Inter­net Services GmbH, based in Neustadt am Rüben­berge, is a provi­der of satel­lite Inter­net. Italy’s Open­Sky S.r.l. offers satel­lite broad­band connec­tions to busi­nes­ses, government agen­cies as well as end users.

Advi­sors to BigBlu Broad­band PLC: Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek
Dr. Stefan Duhn­krack, Photo (Lead, M&A), Dr. Katha­rina Pras­uhn (Corporate/M&A), Fabian G. Gaffron (Tax), Dr. Kai Erhardt (Finan­cing), Tim Peter­mann (Commer­cial, Due Dili­gence), Dr. Søren Pietz­cker, LL.M. (IP, Due Dili­gence), Dr. Thomas Schulz, LL.M. (labor law, due dili­gence), all Hamburg.

In addi­tion to the team led by Duhn­krack, which advi­sed on German law, the part­ner firm from the WSG network Shepherd + Wedderburn in Glas­gow led the way, suppor­ted by the law firm PLMJ in Lisbon.

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