OMMAX advises Alpina Partners on relevant investment in FINAplus

Photo: Florian Ewald, Part­ner at OMMAX in Munich
21. April 2023

Munich — We have Alpina Part­ners GmbH (“Alpina Part­ners”) has made a rele­vant invest­ment in FINA­plus GmbH (“FINA­plus”). Alpina Part­ners was advi­sed by OMMAX on this tran­sac­tion. FINA­plus is a soft­ware plat­form for asset manage­ment, consis­ting of PS plus Port­fo­lio Soft­ware + Consul­ting GmbH (“PSplus”) and Fina­Soft GmbH (“Fina­Soft”). The current manage­ment team will retain a signi­fi­cant stake in the company and support the next phase of FINA­plus’ growth.

The DACH wealth manage­ment soft­ware market is highly attrac­tive and is esti­ma­ted to grow at ~11% CAGR (2022F-26F). Posi­tive funda­men­tal drivers of the market include increased digi­tiza­tion ambi­ti­ons follo­wing the COVID-19 pande­mic and gene­ral indus­try trends.

To prepare for the invest­ment, OMMAX supported Alpina Part­ners through commer­cial and tech­ni­cal due dili­gence and exami­ned FINA­plus’ busi­ness model, market dyna­mics, compe­ti­tive land­scape, custo­mer perfor­mance and asses­sed management’s busi­ness plan to derive actionable commer­cial and digi­tal value crea­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties. A tech­ni­cal stra­tegy and IT archi­tec­ture review were also conducted.

Florian Ewald, Part­ner at OMMAX: “FINA­plus has a strong, modern product offe­ring that serves many long-stan­­ding custo­mer rela­ti­onships while having the poten­tial to successfully gain addi­tio­nal market share. We congra­tu­late Alpina Part­ners on being named to FINA­plus, a well-estab­­lished company in the asset manage­ment soft­ware space.”


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