ND Group leads Series‑C of Next.e.GO Mobile SE of over € 49 million.

Photo: Electric car from Aachen-based electric car maker e.GO Mobile AG
31. August 2021

Aachen/ DV Eind­ho­ven (NL) — Oppen­hoff advi­sed nd indus­trial invest­ments B.V. on the Series‑C finan­cing round of Next.e.GO Mobile SE, a German manu­fac­tu­rer of battery-powe­­red electric vehi­cles. As majo­rity share­hol­der of Next.e.GO Mobile SE, nd indus­trial invest­ments B.V. acted as lead advi­sor for the Series C finan­cing round. The new capi­tal of over 49 million euros will be inves­ted in the produc­tion of the e.GO Life plat­form, the deve­lo­p­ment of addi­tio­nal models and the imple­men­ta­tion of e.GO Life’s special feature, the battery swap. Both exis­ting and new inves­tors parti­ci­pa­ted in the finan­cing round.

Next.e.GO Mobile SE, based in Aachen, Germany, manu­fac­tures battery-powe­­red electric vehi­cles and deve­lops sustainable e‑mobility systems. Through inno­va­tive produc­tion struc­tures and proces­ses based on the so-called Inter­net of Produc­tion, the company with its nearly 400 employees aims to acce­le­rate the trans­for­ma­tion through e‑mobility.

nd indus­trial invest­ments B.V. is part of ND Group B.V., a private equity and holding company based in the Nether­lands. The company was foun­ded in 2008. The invest­ment port­fo­lio inclu­des e‑mobility, hydro­gen, climate tech, fintech, health­care and inte­gra­ted services.

BEra­ter of nd indus­trial invest­ments B.V.: Oppen­hoff Partner
Manage­ment Dr. Nefail Berjas­e­vic (corpo­rate law/M&A) advi­sed nd indus­trial invest­ments B.V. compre­hen­si­vely on the tran­sac­tion; Dr. Günter Seulen (stock corpo­ra­tion law), Dr. Johan­nes Janning (finan­cing), David Falkow­ski (corpo­rate law/M&A) and Marc Krischer (tax).

Oppen­hoff regu­larly repres­ents clients in the field of venture capi­tal, such as ND Group B.V. in the acqui­si­tion of a majo­rity stake in Next.e.GO Mobile SE and in the Series B finan­cing round of Next.e.GO Mobile SE. The Auto­mo­tive and Mobi­lity sector group at Oppen­hoff advi­ses clients on trend topics such as e‑mobility, auto­no­mous driving, shared mobi­lity and connec­ti­vity. Clients include leading OEMs and suppliers in Germany and abroad.

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