Menold Bezler advises on merger of Frankenthaler Pressevertrieb and 4Press

Photo: Dr. Axel Klumpp, Part­ner at Menold Bezler
8. April 2024

Frankenthal/Pfalz/Leipzig — Menold Bezler has advi­sed the private share­hol­ders of Fran­ken­tha­ler Pres­se­ver­trieb GmbH & Co KG (FPV) based in Frankenthal/Pfalz on the merger with 4Press GmbH & Co KG from Machern near Leip­zig, the largest press whole­sa­ler in Germany. The merger is still subject to appr­oval by the Cartel Office. — FPV supplies more than 4,500 retail­ers in southern Hesse, the Pala­ti­nate and nort­hern Baden-Würt­­te­m­­berg with press products. FPV’s share­hol­ders are three private share­hol­ders and ten publishers/national distributors.

4Press was crea­ted in 2023 from the merger of Verlags­grosso Nord, Verlags­grosso Ost and Presse Vertrieb Berlin and has nine loca­ti­ons. Follo­wing the merger, the sales area will increase to around 22,000 press retailers.

Menold Bezler advi­sed the private share­hol­ders of Fran­ken­tha­ler Pres­se­ver­trieb on all legal aspects of the merger. The merger is a further step in the concen­tra­tion in press distri­bu­tion that has been ongo­ing for years.

Advi­sor Fran­ken­tha­ler Pres­se­ver­trieb GmbH & Co. KG: Menold Bezler (Stutt­gart)
Dr. Axel Klumpp (part­ner, lead), Dr. Felix Gegler (both corpo­rate law/M&A), Ralf-Diet­rich Ties­ler (part­ner, employ­ment law)

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