Menold Bezler advises Manz on capital increase through 10% investment by Daimler Truck

Photo: At the signing (from left): Manfred Hoch­leit­ner, CFO Manz AG, Yaris Pürsün, Head of Global Power­train Produc­tion Daim­ler Truck, Jürgen Betz, Direc­tor Produc­tion Plan­ning Global Power­train Daim­ler Truck, Martin Dr. Drasch, CEO Manz AG.
20. May 2022

Stuttgart/ Reutin­gen — Menold Bezler advi­sed the Reut­­lin­­gen-based high-tech engi­nee­ring company Manz AG on a cash capi­tal incre­ase without share­hol­ders’ subscrip­tion rights amoun­ting to appro­xi­mately 10% of the share capi­tal. The tran­sac­tion is subject to appro­val by the rele­vant anti­trust autho­ri­ties. (Photo: Daim­ler Truck)

The capi­tal incre­ase through the issue of 774,408 new shares is rela­ted to a coope­ra­tion agree­ment on a stra­te­gic part­ners­hip with Daim­ler Truck AG in the field of elec­tro­mo­bi­lity. As a result of the invest­ment, Daim­ler Truck AG will become Manz AG’s new anchor share­hol­der. The proceeds of 30.6 million euros will be used to finance Manz AG’s further growth.

With curr­ently around 1,400 employees, the Manz Group deve­lops and builds produc­tion solu­ti­ons for various sectors and indus­tries in Germany, Slova­kia, Hungary, Italy, China and Taiwan. Manz AG was foun­ded in 1987 and has been listed on the Frank­furt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A0JQ5U3) since 2006. In fiscal 2021, the Group gene­ra­ted sales of around EUR 227 million.

Menold Bezler provi­ded legal advice on the capi­tal incre­ase. The team led by Guido Quass has been working for Manz AG on corpo­rate and capi­tal markets law issues for many years.

Advi­sors to Manz AG: Menold Bezler (Stutt­gart)
Dr. Guido Quass (Part­ner), Dr. Björn Stau­din­ger (both Stock Corpo­ra­tion and Capi­tal Markets Law); Dr. Jochen Bern­hard (Part­ner, Anti­trust Law)

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