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BEITEN BURKHARDT Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Gang­ho­fer­straße 33, 80339 München
Phone: +49 89 35065–0 | Cont­act: Dr. Dirk Tutt­lies ·


More than 100 lawy­ers, dedi­ca­ted to the legal areas of M&A, Private Equity as well as Banking, Finance and Capi­tal Markets, have compre­hen­sive expe­ri­ence in assis­ting and mana­ging corpo­rate and capi­tal market tran­sac­tions. In their work, our lawy­ers can rely on their parti­cu­lar exper­tise in cross-border tran­sac­tions, finan­cing and capi­tal market tran­sac­tions inclu­ding equity and debt capi­tal products. Our clients bene­fit from our seam­less and cost-effi­ci­ent service from one source, rende­red by specia­lists from all rele­vant prac­tice groups. ADVANT Beiten is the German member firm of ADVANT, a distinctly Euro­pean asso­cia­tion of inde­pen­dent law firms. ADVANT Beiten is an inde­pen­dent law firm with around 260 lawy­ers, and is one of the leading commer­cial law firms in Germany. It advi­ses medium-sized compa­nies, large corpo­ra­ti­ons, banks, foun­da­ti­ons and public sector orga­ni­sa­ti­ons on German and inter­na­tio­nal commer­cial law from nine offices. We work with ADVANT member firms to advise and repre­sent our clients in all legal matters pertai­ning to their busi­ness acti­vi­ties, both in Germany and around the world. This includes working with other advi­sors from our world­wide network of top-tier firms.


Company acqui­si­tion and sale, acqui­si­tion through parti­ci­pa­tion in tender proce­du­res or exclu­sive nego­tia­ti­ons, (vendor) due dili­gence, restruc­tu­rings as a result of tran­sac­tions (e.g. mergers, conver­si­ons), joint ventures, public take­overs and defence against (hostile) take­overs, MBOs/MBIs, tran­sac­tion and corpo­rate finance, lever­a­ged buy-outs, (re-)financing, exits, fund struc­tu­ring, venture capi­tal, rights issues, IPOs, SPOs, crowd­fun­dig, deri­va­ti­ves, post-listing obli­ga­ti­ons, delis­tings, corpo­rate bonds, high yield bonds, invest­ment funds, banking super­vi­sion law.


Philipp Cotta · Dr Detlef Koch · Dr Guido Krüger
Team size
~ 260 professionals, ~ 60 partners

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