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UnternehmerTUM GmbH

Lich­ten­berg­straße 6, 85748 Garching
Phone: +49 89–18 94 69–0 | Cont­act: Markus Bosch ·

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Manage­ment consulting


Unter­neh­mer­TUM is a unique plat­form for the deve­lo­p­ment of inno­va­tions. Unter­neh­mer­TUM actively iden­ti­fies inno­va­tive tech­no­lo­gies and initia­tes new busi­ness through the syste­ma­tic networ­king of talents, tech­no­lo­gies, capi­tal and custo­mers. Unter­neh­mer­TUM offers foun­ders and start-ups a complete service from the initial idea to IPO. A team of over 300 expe­ri­en­ced entre­pre­neurs, inclu­ding scien­tists and inves­tors, supports start-ups with busi­ness crea­tion, market entry and finan­cing – also with venture capi­tal. For estab­lished compa­nies, a team of expe­ri­en­ced consul­tants offers access to the Unter­neh­mer­TUM ecosys­tem. Foun­ded in 2002 by the entre­pre­neur Susanne Klat­ten, the non-profit Unter­neh­mer­TUM GmbH is the leading center for inno­va­tion and busi­ness crea­tion in Europe with more than 80 high-growth tech­no­logy start-ups every year – inclu­ding Celo­nis, Konux, Lilium and Isar Aerospace.


Semi­nars, lectures and projects give students, scien­tists and profes­sio­nals prac­ti­cal insights into the world of busi­ness and inno­va­tion and equip them with the skills they need to reco­gnize oppor­tu­ni­ties and deve­lop busi­ness concepts. Unter­neh­mer­TUM supports start-ups and estab­lished compa­nies to imple­ment new busi­ness and spin-offs – from the initial idea to successful market entry. For renow­ned estab­lished compa­nies, Unter­neh­mer­TUM is the central plat­form for colla­bo­ra­tion with start-ups. Europe’s largest high-tech work­shop Maker­Space provi­des the right hard­ware to produce proto­ty­pes. In addi­tion, Unter­neh­mer­TUM offers access to a unique network of indus­try part­ners, scien­tists, inves­tors and politicians.


Prof Dr Helmut Schönenberger · Stefan Drüssler · Claudia Frey · Christian Mohr · Thomas Zeller
Team size
over 400

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