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Alpha Build is an estab­lished Company Buil­der in Munich and was foun­ded in 2019. Besi­des offe­ring all services for the successful buil­ding of impactful compa­nies in the corpo­rate envi­ron­ment, Alpha Build actively parti­ci­pa­tes with its own venture arm in inno­va­tive early stage tech­no­logy compa­nies in various indus­tries. The affi­lia­ted Alpha Build Insti­tute rese­ar­ches impact factors for the estab­lish­ment and expan­sion of young compa­nies and trans­fers the know­ledge gained directly to start-ups.


For corpo­rate venture capi­ta­lists and mid-sized hidden cham­pi­ons we build impactful start-ups and bring them on their way to become market leaders. Ther­e­fore we leverage the stra­te­gic posi­tion of an exis­ting company with the dyna­mic power of start-ups. From first concepts over the estab­lish­ment of start-ups to growth and scaling ventures our team of experts starts with under­stan­ding custo­mer needs to create bene­fits and deve­lop valid busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties. With that, we get start-ups off the ground with a proven tool­set and scien­ti­fi­cally appro­ved methods. Our vision is to explore undis­co­vered, hidden busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties. Hence, we build compa­nies in a powerful ecosys­tem that consists of loyal busi­ness partners.


The primary objec­tive of Alpha Build is to create the highest possi­ble quan­ti­ta­tive & quali­ta­tive value of the inves­ted capi­tal & effort. We act as a busi­ness archi­tect incu­ba­ting & acce­le­ra­ting sustainable ventures based on DeepT­ech. We build on our excel­lent, global network of inves­tors, busi­ness angels & reco­g­nised rese­arch partners.


Heiko Seif · Julian von der Neyen
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