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Isma­nin­ger Straße 113, 81675 München
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The Entre­pre­neurs Club is a service provi­der for entre­pre­neurs and family busi­nesses in stra­te­gi­cally rele­vant topics such as the place­ment of execu­ti­ves, the place­ment of direct invest­ments and succes­sion solu­ti­ons. As part of the Entre­pre­neurs Club ECosys­tem, the Entre­pre­neurs Club also offers plat­forms for perso­nal exch­ange and inspi­ring events on entre­pre­neu­ri­ally rele­vant issues for mana­ging direc­tors and share­hol­ders as repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of exis­ting custo­mers. As a pioneer in the field, the Entre­pre­neurs Club has been working for almost 20 years, among other things, to “match” compa­nies that are up for sale, for exam­ple due to unre­sol­ved succes­sion, with succes­sors and inves­tors. In doing so, the Entre­pre­neurs Club pursues a very sustainable, quali­fied and value-orien­­ted approach via perso­nal networ­king. The Entre­pre­neurs Club addres­ses the chall­enge of “tran­sac­tion“ in the context of entre­pre­neu­rial fami­lies with two quali­fied, focu­sed service approa­ches – EC Target Börse and EC Match Making.


EC Target Börse – On Market Deal Flow: Foun­ded in 2010, EC Target Börse aggre­ga­tes small, medium and large compa­nies for sale through the perso­nal and trust­wor­thy network of over 550 M&A advi­sors from Germany, Austria and Switz­er­land. The market coverage of all compa­nies for sale in Germany via EC Target Börse is esti­ma­ted at around two-thirds (> 2,500 targets / year as inco­ming deal flow in the EC Target Börse). EC Match Making – Off Market Deal Flow: Foun­ded in 2018, EC Match Making targets profes­sio­nal inves­tors with speci­fic acqui­si­tion inten­ti­ons, inclu­ding and in parti­cu­lar small and mid-sized compa­nies, typi­cally owned by an entre­pre­neu­rial family. Toge­ther with the client, the Entre­pre­neurs Club iden­ti­fies stra­te­gic search fields in an indus­try context. Using the exten­sive perso­nal network, the Entre­pre­neurs Club deve­lops off-market oppor­tu­ni­ties for majo­rity or mino­rity direct invest­ments directly “from entre­pre­neur to entre­pre­neur” in a syste­ma­tic approach process.


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