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Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e.V. (BAND)

Semper­straße 51, 45138 Essen
Phone: +49 201 89415–12 | Cont­act: Dr. Ute Günther · Dr. Roland Kirch­hof ·


Busi­ness Angels Deutsch­land e. V. (BAND) is the fede­ra­tion of Busi­ness Angels and their networks. As the voice of the Busi­ness Angel market vis-à-vis poli­tics and public rela­ti­ons, BAND repres­ents Angel Inves­tors and is commit­ted to impro­ving the condi­ti­ons for Busi­ness Angel invest­ments as well as spread the Busi­ness Angel idea. BAND is supported by Busi­ness Angel networks, active accre­di­ted Angel Inves­tors of BAND, part­ners of the Angel Invest­ment market as well as public and private members and spon­sors. The Fede­ral Minis­try of Econo­mic Affairs and Climate Action is patron of BAND.


BAND supports the process of matching of capi­tal seeking compa­nies with Busi­ness Angels by presel­ec­ting and forwar­ding the company profiles (BAND One Pager) to the indi­vi­dual networks. As a service for Busi­ness Angels, young compa­nies and Busi­ness Angels networks, BAND offers prac­ti­cal help (espe­ci­ally the successful stan­dard contracts as part­ner of the German Stan­dards Setting Insti­tute (GESSI –, orga­ni­zes trai­ning units (BANDaka­de­mie) and promo­tes the exch­ange of experts (BAND­ex­pert­fo­rum). BAND initia­ted an aware­ness campaign named “Women Angels Mission’25” ( for more female Busi­ness Angels to change the Busi­ness Angel ecosys­tem towards more diver­sity. To estab­lish trans­pa­rency of the Busi­ness Angels market, BAND is holding surveys for stake­hol­ders of the Busi­ness Angels market (Busi­ness Angels Panel) and serves as the coll­ec­tion point for any rese­arch concer­ning the field of Busi­ness Angels. Further­more, BAND orga­ni­zes events like the “German Busi­ness Angels Day”, the biggest natio­nal conven­tion of the infor­mal venture capi­tal market and the exclu­sive “Busi­ness Angels Commu­nity Summit”. BAND is eager to spread the idea of Busi­ness Angels and is commit­ted to impro­ving the condi­ti­ons for Busi­ness Angels’ investments.


Dr. Ute Günther (board of directors) · Dr. Roland Kirchhof (board of directors)
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