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BayStartUp GmbH

Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1, 80992 München
Phone: +49–89‑3 88 38 38–0 | Cont­act: Dr Cars­ten Rudolph ·


BayStartUP is one of the most important cont­act points for start-ups looking for venture capi­tal and supports inno­va­tive start-ups from early busi­ness plan­ning stages to buil­ding up their company and navi­ga­ting their first finan­cing rounds. Coachings, work­shops, the Bava­rian Busi­ness Plan compe­ti­ti­ons and networ­king events for foun­ders, busi­ness angels and indus­try repre­sen­ta­ti­ves create the frame­work for BayStartUP’s acti­vi­ties. Through start-up-indus­­try matchings, BayStartUP also brings toge­ther estab­lished compa­nies and foun­ders. BayStartUP is also part­ner of the “Grün­der­land Bayern” initia­tive of the Bava­rian Minis­try of Econo­mic Affairs.


BayStartUP prepa­res foun­ders for inves­tor nego­tia­ti­ons, inclu­ding prepa­ring docu­men­ta­tion, presen­ta­ti­ons and pitch decks. A broad work­shop program helps start-ups to opti­mize their busi­ness stra­tegy and evolve to the point of invest­ment readi­ness. The BayStartUP busi­ness plan compe­ti­ti­ons cover the entire region of Bava­ria. They are desi­gned to provide early and substan­tial feed­back to all parti­ci­pants from a jury network of more than 300 entre­pre­neurs, busi­ness mana­gers and inves­tors. For private and insti­tu­tio­nal inves­tors, BayStartUP ensu­res a quali­fied deal flow and offers start-up insights at exclu­sive busi­ness angel meetings and inves­tor confe­ren­ces. Through BayStartUP, foun­ders have cont­act oppor­tu­ni­ties to over 400 active busi­ness angels and more than 200 insti­tu­tio­nal inves­tors. Since 2015, BayStartUP has media­ted E 458 million in capi­tal in 449 actively mana­ged finan­cing rounds in the pre-seed, seed or Series A phases. BayStartUP success stories include Flix­bus, eGym, Maga­zino, Exasol, Voxel­jet, numa­res, Transpo­reon, va-Q-tec AG, VIA Optro­nics and many more.


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