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Maturus Finance GmbH

Brod­schran­gen 3–5, 20457 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 3003936–250 | Cont­act: Carl-Jan von der Goltz ·

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Sale & Lease-Back of used mova­ble assets in the form of used machi­nery as well as Asset Based Credit


Maturus Finance GmbH is a bank-inde­­pen­­dent finance company and has been offe­ring inno­va­tive ways of corpo­rate finance since 2005. The finan­cial service provi­der is the cont­act for medium-sized produc­tion compa­nies and retail­ers who are looking for alter­na­ti­ves to exis­ting bank connec­tions within the frame­work of their current finan­cing struc­ture and who want to expand their entre­pre­neu­rial scope. Finan­cing solu­ti­ons are offe­red from a volume of € 250,000 to € 15 million, in indi­vi­dual cases even beyond. This gene­rally corre­sponds to a turno­ver size of the compa­nies of between € 5 million and € 200 million.
Maturus Finance GmbH has its head­quar­ters in Hamburg, Germany, and has also been repre­sen­ted in Austria since 2015.


(1) Inflow of liqui­dity, inde­pen­dent of banks and credit stan­ding, (2) alter­na­tive finan­cing part­ner for more econo­mic inde­pen­dence, (3) purely inter­nal finan­cing on your own strength, (4) quick imple­men­ta­tion of the finan­cing (6–8 weeks), (5) raising of hidden reser­ves upon the sale of mostly depre­cia­ted machi­nes or systems, (6) finan­cing free of covenants and the estab­lish­ment of the usual bank secu­ri­ties, (7) balance shor­tening and streng­thening of the equity ratio, (8) further use of the machi­nes, systems or vehic­les without delay, (9) indi­vi­dual contract draf­ting in accordance with the speci­fi­ca­ti­ons of cash­flow plan­ning, (10) leasing rates parti­ally tax-deduc­ti­ble as opera­ting expen­ses, (11) credit protec­tion by circu­la­ting and fixed assets.


Carl-Jan von der Goltz · Christoph Kleinfeld
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