kopa ventures leads € 5 million seed round at Daato

Photo: Sabine Röth, Part­ner at Vogel Heerma Waitz in Berlin (©Sabine Röth) 
25. March 2024

Berlin — The law firm Vogel Heerma Waitz has advi­sed kopa ventures on the finan­cing of Daato in a EUR 5 million seed finan­cing round. The finan­cing round was led by kopa ventures in coope­ra­tion with neos­fer and IBB Ventures.

Daato is the pionee­ring ESG manage­ment plat­form from Berlin. kopa ventures is an estab­lished early-stage inves­tor with a focus on Euro­pean climate tech start­ups in the fields of energy, mobi­lity, nature and carbon tech. The invest­ment marks a mile­stone for Daato and streng­thens the company in its mission to make ESG manage­ment effi­ci­ent, compli­ant and effec­tive for compa­nies of all sizes.

Advi­sor to kopa ventures: Vogel Heerma Waitz

Sabine Röth (part­ner), Sina Lühr

About Vogel Heerma Waitz

Vogel Heerma Waitz is a Berlin-based law firm specia­li­zing in growth capi­tal, tech­no­logy and media.

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