Frank­furt a.M. — The brow­ser provi­der Brave has acqui­red the search engine Tail­cat. Tail­cat is an open search engine built on an inde­pen­dent index that does not collect IP addres­ses or use perso­nal data to improve search results.

Tail­cat was deve­lo­ped by the team previously respon­si­ble for the search and brow­ser products at Cliqz, a Hubert Burda Media holding.

Tail­cat is inten­ded to act as the foun­da­tion for Brave Search. Brave Search and the Brave brow­ser provide an inde­pen­dent, privacy-friendly alter­na­tive to big-tech brow­sers and search engines.

Advi­sor Brave Soft­ware, Inc.: Good­win, Frank­furt a.M./Silicon Valley
Gregor Klenk, Photo (Part­ner, Private Equity, Frank­furt), Anthony J. McCus­ker (Part­ner, Tech­no­logy, Sili­con Valley; both Lead), Heiko Penn­dorf (Part­ner, Tax, Frank­furt), Caro­lin Kefer­stein (Asso­ciate, Private Equity, Frank­furt), Chris­tina Papa­di­mi­triou (Asso­ciate, Private Equity, Frank­furt), Eliza­beth Tele­fus (Asso­ciate, Tech­no­logy, Sili­con Valley)

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