Equistone subsidiary Andra Tech Group acquires Lucassen Groep

Photo: Hubert van Wolfs­win­kel, Part­ner in the Amster­dam office of Equistone
23. March 2024

Amster­dam / Munich — The Andra Tech Group, a leading group of compa­nies specia­li­zing in the manu­fac­ture of complex high-tech precis­ion compon­ents, is acqui­ring the Dutch company Lucas­sen Groep (Lucas­sen), a specia­list in high-precis­­ion manu­fac­tu­ring and clean­room assem­bly. With this acqui­si­tion, the fourth to date since the funds advi­sed by Equis­tone acqui­red a majo­rity stake in spring 2021, the Group is once again under­pin­ning its strong posi­tion in its Dutch home market. The parties have agreed not to disc­lose details of the transaction.

Since its foun­da­tion in 1973, the Andra Tech Group (form­erly Kusters Beheer), head­quar­te­red in the Nether­lands, has deve­lo­ped into a leading company for the manu­fac­ture of high-tech precis­ion compon­ents and submo­du­les. The acqui­si­tion of Lucas­sen marks a further stra­te­gic step for the Group — both in terms of streng­thening Andra Tech Group’s alre­ady leading posi­tion in its home market of the Nether­lands and in the conti­nuous expan­sion of its tech­no­lo­gi­cal exper­tise in the field of high-precis­­ion manu­fac­tu­ring. The merger of the Andra Tech Group with Lucas­sen will enable the two compa­nies to conti­nue their long-stan­­ding coope­ra­tion and will also put them in an even better posi­tion to serve their joint blue-chip custo­mer base.

Lucas­sen Groep, foun­ded in 1989 and head­quar­te­red in Sittard, the Nether­lands, specia­li­zes in the manu­fac­ture of high-precis­­ion compon­ents for custo­mers in the semi­con­duc­tor, analy­ti­cal and opti­cal sectors, among others. Under the leader­ship of Mana­ging Direc­tor Daniël Guli­kers, who will conti­nue to manage Lucas­sen within the Andra Tech Group, the company can look back on a strong track record in the Dutch market, not least due to its high-quality produc­tion and compre­hen­sive specia­list know-how. In addi­tion to manu­fac­tu­ring precis­ion mecha­ni­cal compon­ents with high clean­li­ness requi­re­ments from a wide range of mate­ri­als, Lucas­sen also specia­li­zes in clean­room assem­bly. The company curr­ently employs around 50 people.

Since the majo­rity invest­ment by the funds advi­sed by Equis­tone in March 2021, Andra Tech Group has contin­ued to grow on its way to beco­ming a leading inter­na­tio­nal manu­fac­tu­rer of high-tech precis­ion compon­ents and submo­du­les: With the support of Equis­tone, the Group further expan­ded its presence in the Nether­lands with the acqui­si­tion of Lemmens Metaal­be­werk­ing in Decem­ber 2023. This was prece­ded by the acqui­si­ti­ons of DKH Metaal­be­werk­ing, also based in the Nether­lands, in Febru­ary 2023 and Mayer Fein­tech­nik, based in Germany, in Decem­ber 2022. With the acqui­si­tion of Lucas­sen, the group of compa­nies — which serves an inter­na­tio­nal custo­mer base from the semi­con­duc­tor, high-tech, mobi­lity, food proces­sing, medi­cal, pack­a­ging and prin­ting indus­tries — has grown to a total of more than 700 employees.

“The Andra Tech Group and Lucas­sen can look back on many years of coope­ra­tion and value each other’s quality and exper­tise. We are ther­e­fore parti­cu­larly plea­sed to welcome Lucas­sen with Daniël Guli­kers and the entire team of highly quali­fied and expe­ri­en­ced employees to the Andra Tech Group. With the support and finan­cial strength of the Andra Tech Group, we can successfully conti­nue Lucassen’s growth trajec­tory,” explains Geert Ketel­a­ars, CEO of the Andra Tech Group.

“We are pursuing the ambi­tious goal of growing Lucas­sen stron­gly in the coming years. With the support that the Andra Tech Group can offer from an orga­niza­tio­nal and finan­cial perspec­tive, we can achieve this goal. At the same time, we are in a posi­tion to offer our custo­mers and employees attrac­tive pros­pects that will enable us as a company to conti­nue to operate at the highest level despite incre­asingly complex value and supply chains,” explains Daniël Guli­kers, Mana­ging Direc­tor of Lucassen.

“With this latest acqui­si­tion, the Andra Tech Group is further expan­ding its alre­ady leading market posi­tion in the Nether­lands and is also in a posi­tion to conti­nue the dyna­mic growth trajec­tory of recent years. Lucassen’s in-depth exper­tise and exten­sive custo­mer rela­ti­onships are an excel­lent addi­tion to the Group’s exis­ting product and service port­fo­lio,” empha­si­zes Hubert van Wolfs­win­kel, Part­ner in the Amster­dam office of Equis­tone.

The Equis­tone team includes Hubert van Wolfs­win­kel, Dr. Marc Arens, Phil­ipp Gauss and Josh Aalbers.

Equis­tone was advi­sed on the tran­sac­tion by PwC (Finan­cial & Tax) and Vesper (Legal).

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