Photo: Markus Gyssler, Partner at EMERAM Capital Partners

EMERAM: Officium continues to acquire in the market for metering services

Photo: Markus Gyss­ler, Part­ner at EMERAM Capi­tal Partners
31. March 2022

Munich — Offi­cium GmbH, a port­fo­lio company of the invest­ment company EMERAM, conti­nues its growth course and has successfully imple­men­ted the acqui­si­tion of Delta‑t Mess­dienst & Consul­ting GmbH & Co. KG in Rudol­stadt, Thurin­gia. Offi­cium is one of Germany’s leading inde­pen­dent meter­ing and energy service provi­ders for the meter­ing and billing of water and heat for the housing indus­try. As the umbrella company for seve­ral regio­nal compa­nies, Offi­cium is pursuing a conso­li­da­tion stra­tegy and acqui­red a total of four suppli­ers in 2021, mostly as part of a succes­sion plan. The parties have agreed not to disc­lose the purchase price.

With the now comple­ted acqui­si­tion of Delta‑t Mess­dienst & Consul­ting GmbH & Co. KG, Offi­cium is expan­ding into Thurin­gia. The members of the exis­ting manage­ment will accom­pany the further deve­lo­p­ment. To date, Offi­cium is mainly repre­sen­ted in Berlin, Bran­den­burg, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-West­­pha­­lia, Meck­­len­­burg-Western Pome­ra­nia, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Bava­ria (Lower Franconia).

Markus Gyss­ler (photo), Part­ner at EMERAM Capi­tal Part­ners, comm­ents: “Within a short period of time, Offi­cium has estab­lished itself as a leading inde­pen­dent provi­der in the meter­ing services market. At the same time, Offi­cium is conside­red an attrac­tive plat­form for entre­pre­neurs inte­res­ted in a succes­sion solu­tion for their company. As a busi­ness deve­lo­p­ment part­ner, EMERAM Capi­tal Part­ners supports this conso­li­da­tion course.”

Stephan Kier­meyer, Mana­ging Direc­tor of Offi­cium GmbH, explains: “Our buy-and-build stra­tegy is paying off. With the seventh acqui­si­tion, we are once again streng­thening our market posi­tion and will also be present in Thurin­gia in the future. We conti­nue to see considera­ble growth poten­tial in the market for meter­ing and energy services — through addi­tio­nal digi­tal offe­rings and further acquisitions.”

Jürgen Walter, Mana­ging Direc­tor at Delta‑t Mess­dienst & Consul­ting GmbH & Co. KG, adds: “Our custo­mers and employees will bene­fit consider­a­bly from Officium’s compre­hen­sive know-how and aware­ness of regio­nal offe­rings, as well as the contin­ued proxi­mity they are accus­to­med to. We are ther­e­fore plea­sed that we can conti­nue our busi­ness with the strong plat­form of Officium.”

Offi­cium was advi­sed by Noerr (Legal) and Alva­rez & Marsal (Finan­cial).

About Offi­cium
Offi­cium GmbH is one of the leading inde­pen­dent meter­ing and energy service provi­ders for consump­­tion-based meter­ing and billing of water and heat for the housing indus­try. The company was estab­lished as a plat­form invest­ment of funds advi­sed by EMERAM in 2020. As an umbrella company, Offi­cium mana­ges the compa­nies Tenié und Gores GmbH, Systeme & Service Abrech­nungs­ge­sell­schaft mbH, Delta‑t Mess­dienst Fischer und Nagel GmbH, Exakta Wärme- und Wasser­zäh­ler Service GmbH as well as Wärme-Mess-Service GmbH and Delta‑t Mess­dienst & Consul­ting GmbH & Co. KG. Offi­cium is mainly present in Berlin, Bran­den­burg, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-West­­pha­­lia (for exam­ple, Düssel­dorf and Duis­burg), Meck­­len­­burg-Western Pome­ra­nia, Saxony-Anhalt (Dessau-Roßlau), Saxony (Dres­den and Chem­nitz), Thurin­gia and Bava­ria (Lower Fran­co­nia). Custo­mers are prima­rily small and medium-sized property manage­ment compa­nies and private landlords.

About EMERAM Capi­tal Partners 
EMERAM is one of the leading invest­ment mana­gers for medium-sized compa­nies in German-spea­king count­ries. Funds advi­sed by EMERAM provide more than 500 million euros of capi­tal for the deve­lo­p­ment of compa­nies. The port­fo­lio includes compa­nies from the Technology/Software, Value-added Services and New Consu­mer Stap­les sectors. EMERAM acts as a long-term busi­ness deve­lo­p­ment part­ner for its compa­nies and promo­tes the sustainable growth (orga­nic and inor­ga­nic) of the port­fo­lio compa­nies. In addi­tion, the focus is on the imple­men­ta­tion of holi­stic ESG concepts.

The port­fo­lio curr­ently consists of six plat­form invest­ments with a cumu­la­tive work­force of more than 2,500. The compa­nies conti­nuously achieve double-digit orga­nic sales growth. In addi­tion, a total of 28 add-on acqui­si­ti­ons to date have acce­le­ra­ted growth and enab­led inter­na­tio­nal expansion.

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