DLA Piper advises ASC Investment on the acquisition of Vitrablok Group

19. Janu­ary 2018

Munich — DLA Piper advi­sed ASC Invest­ment S.à r.l. on the acqui­si­tion of all shares in VITRABLOK Group from Seves Group, a company in the port­fo­lio of Triton III Funds, and on the finan­cing of the tran­sac­tion. The parties have agreed not to disc­lose the purchase price.

With more than 300 employees at loca­ti­ons in Europe and the USA, the VITRABLOK Group is the leading inter­na­tio­nal manu­fac­tu­rer of glass blocks for inte­rior and exte­rior archi­tec­tu­ral appli­ca­ti­ons, with a share of more than 40% of the global glass block market. For exam­ple, the elements produ­ced by VITRABLOK can be found on large surfaces in Leip­zig Airport or the Amster­dam Stock Exchange. 

ASC Invest­ment is a Luxe­m­­bourg-based finan­cial inves­tor active throug­hout Europe, specia­li­zing in the acqui­si­tion of medium-sized compa­nies. The VITRABLOK Group repres­ents the first acqui­si­tion of the finan­cial inves­tor, whose struc­ture was also set up by DLA Piper.

The Triton Funds invest in medium-sized compa­nies head­quar­te­red in Europe. The focus here is on compa­nies in the indus­trial, busi­ness services and consu­mer health sectors. The Triton Funds curr­ently have 34 compa­nies in their port­fo­lio with total sales of appro­xi­m­ately 14.3 billion euros.

Advi­sors ASC Invest­ment S.à r.l.: DLA Piper
The inter­na­tio­nal DLA Piper team led by part­ner Florian Hirsch­mann (Private Equity, Munich, Photo) and Part­ner Miros­lav Dubovsky (Corpo­rate, Prague), consis­ted of Senior Asso­ciate Silvio McMi­ken, Asso­ciate Tobias Schulz (both Private Equity, Munich), Coun­sel Robert Hofbauer (Project Finance, Frank­furt), Part­ner Konrad Rohde and Coun­sel Rain­mund Behnes (both Tax, Frank­furt), Part­ners Cathe­rine Pogor­zel­ski and Marcel Bart­nik (both Corpo­rate, Luxem­bourg), Senior Asso­ciate Auré­lien Favier and Ambroise Foers­ter (both Corpo­rate, Luxem­bourg), Asso­ciate Corinna Schu­ma­cher and Fernando Loren­deau (both Corpo­rate, Luxem­bourg), Part­ner Geoffrey Scar­doni and Senior Tax Advi­sor Kim Ngo (both Tax, Luxem­bourg), Senior Asso­ciate Jan Rataj and Petr Samec (both Corpo­rate, Prague), Junior Asso­ciate Jan Metelka (Corpo­rate, Prague), Legal Assistant Vero­nika Roznovska and Pavlina Trcha­li­kova (both Corpo­rate, Prague), Part­ner Ales­san­dro Pier­manni (Corpo­rate, Milan), Lawyer Elena Davanzo (Corpo­rate, Milan), Lead Lawyer Ales­san­dro Ferrari and Lawyer Elena Varese (both IPT, Milan). From DLA Piper’s Atlanta office, Part­ner Kevin Gooch and Asso­ciate Glenn Williams (both Finance & Projects) were also invol­ved in the advisory.

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