Deloitte Legal advises Felderer on takeover by Lindab Group

6. March 2022

Munich — The listed Lindab Group, a leading venti­la­tion company in Europe is acqui­ring the German Felde­rer AG. A multi­di­sci­pli­nary team of Deloitte Legal advi­sed Felde­rer Holding GmbH and Klaus-Phil­ipp Felde­rer, CEO and owner of Felde­rer, on the sale of all shares in Felde­rer AG to Lindab Group. The tran­sac­tion is subject to regu­la­tory appr­ovals and is expec­ted to close in the second quarter.

Felde­rer AG is one of the largest distri­bu­tors of venti­la­tion and air condi­tio­ning tech­no­logy in Germany. It was foun­ded in 1979 and is based in Feld­kir­chen near Munich. The company gene­ra­tes annual sales of around EUR 70 million and employs 160 people.

The listed Lindab Group, as a leading venti­la­tion company in Europe, deve­lops, manu­fac­tures and markets products and systems for a healthy indoor climate. The Lindab Group achie­ved sales of appro­xi­m­ately EUR 965 million in 2021 and is estab­lished in 20 count­ries with around 4,500 employees.

“Toge­ther with Lindab there are great deve­lo­p­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties for Felde­rer AG in the German market, which will bene­fit our custo­mers, our part­ners and our employees. We look forward to a dyna­mic coope­ra­tion with our strong and sustainable part­ner Lindab,” says Klaus-Phil­ipp Felderer.

Advi­sor Lindab Group: Proven­tis Partners

Proven­tis Part­ners advi­ses Lindab Group on its stra­te­gic expan­sion in the German market for venti­la­tion tech­no­logy. In this capa­city, Proven­tis Part­ners initia­ted and supported the tran­sac­tion as exclu­sive buyside M&A advi­sor. The Proven­tis Part­ners tran­sac­tion team: Ulrich Schnei­der (Part­ner, Hamburg) and Henrik Huchel (Analyst, Hamburg).

Advi­sor Felde­rer AG: Deloitte Legal

The Deloitte Legal team led by Eike Fietz (photo) consis­ted of Simon Maier (both Corpo- rate/M&A, Munich) and Dr. Marc Spiel­ber­ger (Labor Law, Munich). Dr. Michael Reich (Pinsent Masons) advi­sed Felde­rer from an anti­trust perspective.

The buyer was advi­sed by the law firms kallan (tran­sac­tion) and ROCAN (anti­trust).

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