Bryter targets U.S. expansion with USD 16 million Series A round

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15. June 2020

Berlin — The legal soft­ware company Bryter wants to expand its US busi­ness with a finan­cing round of 16 million dollars (about 14 million euros). She plans to open an office in New York in the fall. Series A is led by Dawn Capi­tal and Accel.

Accel has alre­ady been invol­ved since last year’s seed round, when the startup raised six million dollars (about 5.5 million euros) in a late-seed round, and is now expan­ding its stake. Exis­ting inves­tors Notion Capi­tal, Chal­fen Ventures and Cavalry Ventures are also parti­ci­pa­ting in the Series A.

Bryter opened an office in London last year, and now New York is on the sche­dule for the fall. Bryter intends to invest the new capi­tal prima­rily in expan­ding the US repre­sen­ta­tive office.

Michael Grupp, CEO (photo center, M. Hübl left, M. Bues right): “BRYTER is deve­lo­ping soft­ware that can be used to deve­lop inter­ac­tive appli­ca­ti­ons for decis­ion auto­ma­tion, inclu­ding for lawy­ers. One can visua­lize and digi­tize complex decis­i­ons with the soft­ware.” Bryter’s custo­mers include many legal depart­ments and law firms, which can create custo­mi­zed appli­ca­ti­ons based on the no-code soft­ware it offers, such as virtual assistants, chat­bots and auto­ma­tion tools.

Advi­sors to Dawn Capi­tal: Schnitt­ker Möll­mann Part­ners (Berlin)
Dr. Benja­min Ullrich (Lead Part­ner); Asso­ciate: Daniela Machado (both Venture Capital)

Advi­sor Accel: Osborne Clarke (Colo­gne)
Nico­las Gabrysch (Venture Capital)

Cavalry Ventures: Hyac­inth (Berlin)
Kris­tian Lutz; Asso­ciate: Johan­nes Steinacher (both Venture Capital)

Advi­sor Bryter: Taylor Wessing (Hamburg)
Dr. Jens Wolf (lead); Asso­ciate: Phil­ipp Hoegl (both M&A/Venture Capital)
Inhouse Legal (Berlin): Konstan­tin Heil­mann (Senior Legal Counsel)


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