Photo: Strategic Value Partners acquires APCOA Parking Group

APCOA Parking Group sells to Strategic Value Partners

Photo: Stra­te­gic Value Part­ners acqui­res APCOA Parking Group
12. Febru­ary 2024

Stutt­gart — The global invest­ment company Stra­te­gic Value Part­ners, LLC has acqui­red the APCOA Parking Group. Stra­te­gic Value Part­ners, LLC acqui­red all remai­ning shares in the APCOA Parking Group from Center­bridge Part­ners L.P. and other mino­rity investors.

APCOA is a Europe-wide parking space manage­ment company based at Stutt­gart Airport. The company opera­tes more than 1.8 million parking spaces, multi-storey parking lots and park-and-ride faci­li­ties in over 400 cities and offers a wide range of parking manage­ment services. Its annual turno­ver is around EUR 900 million.

Advi­sor APCOA Parking Group: Poellath

Dr. Bene­dikt Hohaus (Part­ner, Lead, Manage­ment Parti­ci­pa­ti­ons, M&A/Private Equity)
Jan Lukas Jung­claus, LL.M. (Stel­len­bosch) (Asso­ciate, Manage­ment Parti­ci­pa­ti­ons, M&A/Private Equity)


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