Essen/ Colo­gne — The corpo­rate and capi­tal markets law experts Dr. Mirko Sickin­ger, LL.M., Part­ner, and Lena Pfeu­fer, Sala­ried Part­ner, advi­sed the listed 11 88 0 Solu­ti­ons AG on a capi­tal increase from autho­ri­zed capi­tal exclu­ding share­hol­ders’ subscrip­tion rights and, toge­ther with the accom­pany­ing bank, on the admis­sion of the new shares to the regu­la­ted market of the Frank­furt Stock Exch­ange (Prime Standard).

The capi­tal increase was made against contri­bu­ti­ons in kind in order to acquire the “pay-per-lead” provi­der Ormigo GmbH, based in Colo­gne. Euro Serve Media GmbH, which is part of the Müller Medien family of compa­nies and which in turn holds a majo­rity stake in 11 88 0 Solu­ti­ons AG via its holding company united verti­cal media GmbH, contri­bu­ted Ormigo GmbH to 11 88 0 Solu­ti­ons AG as a contri­bu­tion in kind as part of the capi­tal increase and recei­ved 1 million new shares in return.

Ormigo GmbH was acqui­red in order to deve­lop the “pay per lead” busi­ness area more stron­gly, to acce­le­rate growth in this area and to save costs for the further deve­lo­p­ment of the “pay per lead” business.

11 88 0 Solu­ti­ons AG has its head­quar­ters in Essen. For over twenty years, 11 88 0* and have deli­vered relia­ble results in sear­ches for indi­vi­du­als and local and natio­nal vendors in all indus­tries. Germany’s second-largest direc­tory assis­tance service, which can be reached by dial­ing 11 88 0*, offers perso­nal support, while the online busi­ness direc­tory and the app of the same name provide targe­ted infor­ma­tion and direct users to suita­ble provi­ders in the desi­red region.

Advi­sor 11 88 0 Solu­ti­ons AG: Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek

Dr. Mirko Sickin­ger, LL.M., Photo (lead), Lena Pfeu­fer, Fran­ziska Marisa Decker, M.A. (all corpo­rate and capi­tal markets law), all Cologne.

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