43,5 Mio. Euro-Finanzierungsrunde für Breath Therapeutics

München/ Frankfurt a.M./ Utrecht/ Paris — Das Life Science-Unternehmen Breath Therapeutics BV schließt eine Series A-Finanzierungsrunde in Höhe von 43,5 Mio. EUR ab. Lead-Investoren sind Gimv und Sofinnova Partners, Gilde Healthcare kommt als weiterer Investor hinzu. Pari Pharma unterstützt das Start-up, das fortschrittliche, inhalative Aerosol-Therapeutika gegen seltene Lungenerkrankungen entwickelt, mit einem finanziellen Beitrag.

Breath Therapeutics ist ein Spin-out der Pari Pharma GmbH aus Starnberg. Das Start-up hat sich auf die Entwicklung von Inhalationssystemen zur Behandlung von Atemwegserkrankungen spezialisiert. Breath Therapeutics entwickelt proprietäre Medikamentenformulierungen, die für die Inhalation mit exklusiv lizenzierten, leistungsstarken Verneblern optimiert wurden. Der Sitz von Breath Therapeutics ist München und Frankfurt.

Breath Therapeutics’ lead program is a first-in-class inhalation therapy for treatment of Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome (BOS). BOS is a lethal orphan respiratory disease, mainly affecting lung transplant patients. It is commonly understood as chronic graft rejection and is the main reason for the poor 5-year survival rates after lung transplantation.

The company’s founding and management team includes highly experienced executives and internationally renowned experts in drug aerosol and immunosuppression therapy. Arthur Franken, partner at Gilde Healthcare will join the board of directors.

Dr. Jens Stegemann, CEO of Breath Therapeutics, said: “BOS is one of the most devastating lung diseases and still today, no effective therapy is available. Our strategy is to deposit high concentrations of an immunosuppressive agent directly into the small airways of the lung. With this top-tier group of investors and the best international lung transplantation centres supporting us, we now are in an excellent position to achieve ground-breaking improvements in the combat of BOS.”

About Gilde Healthcare
Gilde Healthcare (Utrecht, The Netherlands and Cambridge, USA) is a European specialist investment firm focused on private healthcare companies. It has over €800 million ($900 million) under management and is actively looking to lead new investments in therapeutics, medical devices, digital health and healthcare services. Gilde successfully builds healthcare businesses across Europe and US, investing up to €30 million in a single portfolio company. Gilde is currently investing out of GHC IV which is financed, in part, by the European Recovery Program-European Investment Fund Facility.

About GIMV
The Health & Care platform is therefore built around these three segments: Life Sciences, Medtech and Health & Care Services. In each of them, we will look for companies with innovative technologies or business models and which can grow their business significantly, either organically or through a buy-and build strategy. – Gimv is a European investment company with over 36 years of experience in private equity and venture capital. Listed on Euronext Brussels, Gimv currently manages around EUR 1.8 billion of investments (including co-investment partnerships) in 50 portfolio companies.

About Sofinnova Partners
Founded in 1974, Sofinnova is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical venture capital firm with approximately $2.2B under management. We are a passionate and committed team of MDs and PhDs that deploy human and financial capital to improve the lives of patients through science. Our mission is to provide industry leading venture returns by delivering transformative medicines to patients. We live our mission to deliver outstanding results for those we serve – patients, entrepreneurs, and the people and organizations that entrust us with their capital.

Sofinnova specializes in clinical and late preclinical investments in biopharmaceutical products. We actively partner with entrepreneurs across all stages of company formation including securing initial funding, building successful management teams, forming impactful corporate alliances, and navigating the M&A acquisition or IPOs‘ process. We seek to build world class companies that aspire to dramatically improve the current state of medical care today and ultimately, the lives of patients.